Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST
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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

Driving Directions 


Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
Blastcamp Paint Ball & Airsoft 

ENTRY with air          

PRE-REGISTERED (Before Jan 29)                                        $30

WALK-ON                                                                                $40

2018 OFFICERS CLUB Members (walk-on)                          $15 


VALKEN GRAFFITI  Winter blend            $70/ case with tax   $65 pre-registered

First Strike  box of 250 field paint            $85/ tax


Battle of HOTH 9 - 2018


 A Viper probe has landed on the ice planet Hoth near the Echo Base. Darth Vader and his Imperial fleet, armed with Storm Troopers and a lumbering battalion of AT-ATs, have been alerted to Rebel's presence. Damaged shield generators have come online, although struggling to maintain power they should be able to withstand the airborne offensive, but the ground assault is bearing down. Massive numbers of the Empire's 501st Legion troops combined with AT-AT and AT-ST's are congregating near the outskirts of the Echo base, ready to strike the final blow to our Alliance. Outward command posts are vulnerable, and will be the first to fall. Hasty defenses are being constructed around the main power generators as they are likely to be the primary target- but these won’t last long. Rebel forces must fortify the perimeter of the Echo base until a window opens for an escape.


8am-9:30 – registration/ chrono/ paint sales

10:00 – game briefing

10:30 – 12:30 – game section 1

12:30 -1:30 – lunch break

1:30 - 4 game section 2

4:15 – awards/ raffle


Team Starting Points/Insertion Points

**Teams will switch sides at lunch**

Darth Vader’s Imperial Army “THE EMPIRE”

Commanded by Andres Baine from Ghost Crew


Tournament area 1st half,  

Cemetery 2nd half

Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance “THE REBELS”

Commanded by Mario Mota Jr from HMD Punishers

XO - 

Cemetery 1st half,

 Tournament area 2nd half



Marking tape or Team Tags to designate team must be worn on the front and back of mask at all times and cannot be removed

Field speed/Firing modes:

 270fps(All Markers)  

160fps(Law rockets)     

 12.5bps max – no ramping

Full auto allowed (under 12.5bps) however NO full auto in buildings 

Event paint ONLY! 

First strike - Field Paint only .


The game will consist of 2 main sections with basic objectives for each team. Additional missions will be released to commanders at timed intervals.



Strategy Map


HOTH big game special game rules



DARTH VADER will be hidden on the field. VADER will allow the holder to ‘USE THE FORCE’ to perform one of three actions.

  1. Use as a Sniper to eliminate 1 player
    1. Target must be in line of sight of user.
    2. b.      Target cannot be Healed 
    3. Transport to anywhere on the field once
      1. “Fuel/Energy Limit: from the start of Transportation There is only enough Fuel/Energy for 10 minutes of Transportation time. All players being transported must leave Transportation before 10 minutes. Any players still in Transportation after 10 minutes become eliminated players.
      2. “Getting off Transport”: once the player or players are ready to leave transport. They must indicate to Referee they wish to leave transport, once players are ready, Referee will put one hand in the air and commence a 3 second count down. At the end of the countdown the Referee will drop his hand signaling that live players have left the transport and are free to shoot or be shot. (During this 3 second count down players on transport are NOT ALLOWED to interact with props or Slap Sticks.)
      3. Players in Transportation are NOT ALLOWED to interact with props or Slap Sticks at any time during the transportation.
      4. Players in Transportation or during the “3 second count down” may not engage enemy players and cannot be targeted by enemy players until the “3 second count down” is over.
      5. Use as a Medic to cure one person OR self
        1. Cannot heal Head shots or sniper kills
        2. To heal a player forfeit VADER to Referee and wipe hit off of hit player and player is active once more.


Once the action is performed VADER must be forfeited and will be hidden again by a Referee until another player finds it.



Collapsible ones only

Must be approved by Referee and you must have a Light Saber player card

Light sabers will be marked with tape on their end; this “kill Zone” area is the only spot that can be used to eliminate other players. 

Light Sabers may be used in a defensive position and hits to the LIGHT SABERS will not count as hits.

Light Saber tags will be counted as barrel tags – tagging player is recommended to yell “barrel tag”


Light Saber 1v1 battles

Masks must stay on!

Must call a Referee over to initiate – Referee may or may not allow battle to occur

Both players must agree to battle and have player cards

Battles will be 2 minutes long

Player is eliminated when touched with “Kill Zone” of opposing players Light Saber anywhere on the body


Law/ Nerf rockets

Must have a Law Rocket card (given at registration) to use. Referee will punch this card each time it is used 

Chrono Speed: 140FPS or less!

Must have a Referee present to verify hit/ punch card

Allowed 5 rocket launches per section

Once a structure is hit, everyone inside or near (with reason) will be eliminated. Referee will have ultimate decision as to how close someone needs to be to be considered eliminated.

Rockets will be returned to Air fill station  if found on field.(Mark your own rockets!)



Only one Medic per team

A Medic can only carry 4 force tokens on them at one time.

Players wishing to be “healed” must yell MEDIC! Immediately after being hit and stay in the spot that they were hit and await medic to heal them.

 (Yelling hit or anything other than Medic right away results in player calling themselves eliminated and must return to respawn point. OR players moving from the spot they were eliminated before “healed” by a Medic results in a elimination.) 

To Heal a player: Each Medic has “Force Tokens” to heal a player the medic must get to the player wishing to be “healed” give the Shot player 1 Force token and wipe off all current hits from player. Once all hits are clean the player being “healed” is active again 

*A Medic May Heal Himself - Same rules apply however - Must have at least one force token in possession

IMPORTANT!  Players that have been healed ARE RESPONSIBLE for bringing the FORCE TOKENS TO HOME BASE!  Once at home base they must be given to the team’s commander and then the team commander may supply the Medic with more tokens. (ANY LOST TOKENS WILL NOT BE REPLACED by referees or staff.) 

(Referee may call player waiting for a medic, eliminated due to severity of game play.)



  • Tanks can be Disable/ Destroyed by grenade or law rocket (Unless the tank is using Defense Perk)
  • Law rocket or grenade must hit tank anywhere on the body once to disable its movement and a second time to completely destroy the tank. (Disabled: Tank may shoot but cannot move.)
  • No “Walking tanks” allowed 
  • Tank Defense Perk: If a team’s base is getting attacked relentlessly the Commander may call in armored support to help fend off attackers from their own base. DURING THIS TIME THE TANK *CAN NOT* BE DESTROYED OR DISABLED by a Law rocket or grenade.


  • Tank Gunners CHRONO  at 270FPS or less 
  • Tanks must have a Tank Walker Present at all times on field!
  • Tank Card: If anyone is lucky enough to find a “Tank Card” it may be used to send the tank around the field for at least one complete lap OR 10 minutes of fuel time.

During this time the tank MAY be Disabled/Destroyed  

  • Players may not be within 10 Feet of a moving tank.


Personal Missions

  • At Random 5 players from each team will be picked by player numbers to receive personal missions before the game starts.
  • The chosen few will receive the personal mission at  registration
  • Your Mission is worth 50 points to your team.