Practicum begins on:

Friday, December 8 @ 9:00 am
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Spring 2017

  • Friday, Dec. 8th: 9 am to 4 pm (Manhattan)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20th: 5:45 to 7:45 PM  (Staten Island)
  • Friday, Jan. 19th:  9 am to 12 noon (Manhattan)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21st:  5:45 to 7:45 pm (Staten Island) 
  • Friday, Feb. 9th:  9 am to  12 noon (Manhattan)


Manhattan Sessions:  

Location to be advised


Staten Island Sessions & Mediations will be held at:

New York Center for Interpersonal Development        130 Stuyvesant Place - 4th Floor                               Staten Island, NY  10301

Office is located within two short blocks of Staten Island Ferry Terminal. 

Richmond County Small Claims Court                         927 Castleton Avenue                                                 Staten Island, NY  10310

Mediatiions and observation opportunities are usually scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Friday mornings as needed.


Liz Bonici 
New York Center for Interpersonal Development 

Advanced Mediation Skills Development Practicum starts Friday, December 8, 2017

                            a program designed for  Mediators trained in the

Understanding Based Model

                                   Up to 15 NY CLE - Newly Admitted & Experienced Attorneys

Co-Mediate actual cases both in court and at our center.  Further develop your skills through role play and extensive debrief opportunities in addition to addressing challenges through intensive group work

To enroll and participate in this fast paced practicum program as outlined below, prior attendance in an approved Basic Mediation Training in the Understanding Based Model of mediation is required. Participants in this program will be eligible to observe and co-mediate actual live cases both at our center and in court. Upon completing this full program, participants will have had the opportunity to meet all the requirements needed for an individual to be observed for possible certification by New York Center. 

 Contact our office at 718-947-4036 to determine if you qualify for this program based on your prior training experience.

The Practicum is a 3* month program that includes -                            Introduction:  The program begins with a one day (6 Hour)  overview of the Practicum and continues with a review of the skills and stages of the mediation process. Role play work will be used to ground the skills reviewed and to orient those skills in the community mediation setting.  

Skills Development & Practice:  During the course of the practicum, participants with gather an additional 2 times at a Manhattan based location to practice and develop their skills. Through lecture, discussion and role-play work, focus will be given to advanced mediation skills and techniques including contracting and working through the conflict and addressing difficult conflict dynamics.

Co-mediation Opportunities:  In addition to the 3 Manhattan based intensive sessions, practicum participants are given extensive opportunity to co-mediate actual cases at New York Center’s offices in Staten Island and at Richmond County Small Claims Court and Civil Court with a Certified New York Center Mediator. Participants are notified via email of available cases and are assigned on a rotating schedule giving everyone the opportunity to participate on a regular basis. While there is no minimum mediation requirement, we ask that participants try to mediate a minimum of one case per month. Practicum participants will be given priority in assignment of cases for a period of six months from the date the practicum begins.

Ongoing skills development:  After each mediation, mediators complete a self evaluation and debrief with the lead mediator providing an opportunity for extensive feedback and ongoing learning.

Observation for Certification as a Community Mediator:  At the completion of the practicum, participants can elect to be observed for certification as a community mediator as part of the Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program of the New York State Office of Court Administration, Office of ADR and Court Improvement Programs. While there is no guarantee regarding certification, we are committed to working with practicum participants who are not initially certified to develop a plan for skill development and future certification.



Liz Bonici – Tel. #: 718-947-4036 Or by email at:           

Financial Aid available to those who qualify

* Practicum participants continue to receive priority case assignments           for 3 months after monthly practicum meetings end.

New York Center for Interpersonal Development is an Equal Opportunity employer/program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD/TTY #1.800.662.1220

Still not sure if your prior experience meets our training eligibilty requirements?                                                                                                         Give us a call at 718-947-4036 or email us at; we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before you continue with the registration process.
NOTE:  If paying by credit card, the charge will be indicated as "PayPal NEWYORKCENT"