NBS National Office 



Multiple Updates

This registration system will only allow one update per e-mail address. So, if you are adding names for the second or more times, add the pound sign and the numeral of your update.  (If your e-mail address was "" you would enter "" for your second update and "" for your third update.  You will get an automatic e-mail confirmation after your first update but not after additional updates.


2017-2018 Additions to Chapter Block Order 


NBS membership can be purchased individually or as part of a chapter block purchase.  Chapters that have previously purchased a block of memberships (20 for established chapters and 10 for new chapters) but did not fill all of the allocated spots may add additional members.  There is no additional cost payable to the organization.  (Chapters have the option to charge local dues.  Those dues stay in the chapter account.)

Each member identified on this form must also register individually on the NBS-AERho website under the "Join/Renew" dropdown for individual NBS membership.

Block memberships will be valid from the time of submission/payment until November 1, 2018.  (If there are less than 20 members when the form and payment are submitted, the chapter block purchase coordinator may authorize the addition of members as the one year period progresses.  However, the memberships of all included in this purchase will expire on November 1, 2018.)  This purchase may include both student and professional members who are affiliated with a chapter.

Former members whose membership has been expired more than 15 days must also pay a $25 membership reactivation fee. This fee is waived on memberships until January 15, 2018.

Former members and renewing members should include their membership number (if known) in the application process. Membership numbers can be found on your membership card or certificate.