Thank you to the HUNDREDS of homes that brightened our community this holiday season ... we ran out of signs!

As you drive to view the addresses listed below, remember to look right and left so you don't miss all the other beautifully decorated homes.

Tustin is much brighter and much better because of the hundreds of home brightening our community.  The Holiday Display Awards are an opportunity to show off Tustin's holiday spirit and spread a feeling of community and good will.  Please remember that even if you were not selected as an award recipient, your lights will be seen as people drive throughout our community to view the homes that were.  So, while you may not have received a Tustin Pride sign, your lit home will still lead to many smiles and good feelings.  The Tustin Community Foundation and the community of Tustin thank you for your efforts, enthusiasm and community spirit.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

We love this spirit on Villa Rose when the kids gave their dad their own award!!

Christmas lights over dark blue background
Local volunteer elves from the Tustin Community Foundation visited the outside of City of Tustin and North Tustin homes and businesses December 10-12 again this year to select the
2018 Tustin Pride Holiday Display Awards
  Judging was based on creativity, proportion & scale of lights, holiday spirit, and overall appearance. 

Neighborhood & Street Awards:
Olwyn Drive, Laburnum Drive & Silverbrook Drive
Lear Lane
Caper Tree Drive

The following addresses are grouped by area:
13711 Wheeler Place, Tustin
14431 Heights, Tustin
14372 Acacia, Tustin
17462 Village Drive, Tustin
17351 Village Drive, Tustin
17402 Parker Drive, Tustin
13722 Fairmont Way, Tustin
13816 Loretta Drive, Tustin
520 W. 3rd Street, Tustin
525 W. 3rd Street, Tustin
250 South Myrtle Avenue, Tustin
14041 Woodlawn Avenue, Tustin
14111 Charloma Drive, Tustin
180 Pacific, Tustin
14661 Raintree Lane, Tustin
14641 Raintree Lane, Tustin
14681 Raintree Lane, Tustin
2351 Caper Tree Drive, Tustin
14461 Poplar Drive, Tustin
14692 Danborough Road, Tustin
14652 Canterbury Avenue, Tustin
14251 Browning #16, Tustin
13532 Diamond Head, Tustin
13552 Epping Way, Tustin
1311 Lance, Tustin
1281 Lance, Tustin
17814 Andrews, Tustin
13431 Cromwell, Tustin
1771 Stonehenge, Tustin 
1708 Stonehenge, Tustin
2052 Shelterwood Road, North Tustin
2800 Keller #266, Tustin
12982 Eveningside, North Tustin
13282 Tiburon, Tustin
2191 Palermo, Tustin
13824 Arapahoe, Tustin
2161 Marselina, Tustin
13859 Apache, Tustin
1301 Brittany Cross Road, Tustin
1292 Banbury Cross Road, Tustin
122261 Enramada Drive, Tustin
12741 Charloma, Tustin
12282 Rebecca Lane, Tustin
1871 Irvine Boulevard, Tustin
12371 Rebecca Lane, North Tustin
10041 Rangeview Drive, North Tustin 
10203 Overhill Drive, North Tustin
10472 Boca Canyon, North Tustin
10711 Equestrian Drive, North Tustin 
1332 Apsley Road, North Tustin
10981 Linetreet, North Tustin
1441 Cloyden Road, North Tustin
1091 St. John Place, North Tustin
12362 Eveningside, North Tustin
10535 Bruns Drive, Tustin
2645 Burrier Lane, Tustin
1511 Clearview Lane, North Tustin
11392 Orangeview Road, North Tustin
10261 Deerhill Drive, North Tustin
1202 Deborah Drive, North Tustin
1161 Deborah Drive, North Tustin
15235 Severyns Road, Tustin
15206 Duke Street, Tustin
1446 Valencia Avenue, Tustin
1479 Montgomery Street, Tustin
1441 Charleston, Tustin
1460 Madison Street, Tustin
15215 Linden Way, Tustin
1403 Montomery Street, Tustin
1415 Lexington Street, Tustin
13671 Carlsbad, North Tustin
13751 Yellowstone, North Tustin
18502 Beachmont Avenue, North Tustin
13631 Gershon Place, North Tustin
18002 Leafwood Lane, North Tustin
13841 Mauve Drive, North Tustin
18122 Shadel Drive, North Tustin
13081 Hewes, North Tustin
14122 Livingston Street, Tustin
14031 Dall Lane, Tustin
18232 Wellington Avenue, Tustin
18072 Beneta Way, Tustin
14061 Brenan Way, Tustin
13721 Gimbert Lane, Tustin
18811 Oakridge Drive, Tustin
13871 Judy Anne Lane, North Tustin
13591 Saigon Lane, North Tustin
13362 Shepard Way, North Tustin
19072 Kassy Drive, North Tustin 
12941 Villa Rose Drive, North Tustin
13091 Cottonwood Drive, Tustin
18942 Ironwood Lane, North Tustin 
19051 Fairhaven, North Tustin
12872 Barrett Lane, North Tustin