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Christmas Hurrah! 2017 Hellebore Pre-Order

Plan for Christmas: Plan now for holiday decorating indoors & out by pre-ordering your hellebores for pick-up at the Christmas Hurrah! December 1st-3rd, 2017. Our plants are top quality - they are the biggest, fullest, and most packed with buds available in our region. The Christmas roses also make great gifts during the holiday season. And don't forget to sign up for some of our fun Christmas Rose Workshops.

Plan for Winter: We're also offering other winter-blooming hellebores to keep your garden beautiful through January and February. The information below is organized by when each cultivar starts blooming*. Choose plants from each bloom period for a succession of blooms to keep your spirits bright from December through March! 

While we will still have extra hellebores on hand at the Christmas Hurrah!, pre-ordering helps us get the numbers just right ensuring you get everything you desire! We will not have a lot of extra. So choose your plants now and plan out your winter garden in advance! Last year many people did not pre-order and we sold out of our extra plants before everyone got what they wanted. We can't bring in a lot of extra plants at this time of year that are not pre-ordered. Please pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Ordering Instructions: Review the hellebore descriptions and images below, write down on a piece of paper the cultivars and quantities you would like, then click Register Now at the bottom of this page. You'll be taken to the ordering page where there are descriptions but no images so best to make your decisions while still perusing this page. Enjoy. 

Early December* 


Helleborus niger 'HGC Jesko' 
'Jesko' has large flowers with overlapping petals forming a lovely cupped shape. The flowers are produced in great numbers from late November or early December making it perfect for Christmas decoration inside the house and in the garden. Rich, dark green foliage and a compact habit. Deer resistant.



Mid December*

Helleborus niger 'HGC Jacob' 
Slightly fragrant, single, pure white blooms in profusion make this the best cultivar for Christmas decorating. Flowers turn light green and pink with age. Dark green leaves with serrated edges have burgundy stems. Blooms over a long period from mid December until April with multiple waves of flowers. This selection is a big improvement on the normal H. niger. Deer resistant.


Helleborus niger 'HGC Jasper' 
'Jasper' sports extra, overlapping petals in each flower giving a full, cupped shape. The flowers are produced in great numbers from mid December making it perfect for Christmas decoration inside the house and in the garden. Rich, dark green foliage. Deer resistant.


Helleborus Ice 'n Roses 'Red' 
The big, bold and impressive Helleborus Ice 'n Roses 'Red' offers large, outward-facing flowers in a rich, velvety, deep red colour that is incredible when back lit by the winter sun. The foliage is thick, leathery, and dark green forming valuable evergreen mounds. Will begin to bloom in December or January and continue for months. Plant in full or part sun.




Helleborus 'Rosemary' 
This beautiful hellebore is a rare cross between the classic Lenten rose, Helleborus x hybridus, and the Christmas rose, H. niger and is unlike all other hellebores. Also known as 'Walberton's Rosemary', this cultivar closely resembles the Lenten roses but with a unique, vibrant, clear pink with a lighter centre and veining. The colour deepens to rich, glowing, salmon pink. Outward facing flowers in incredible numbers. Since the plants are sterile they bloom for an extended period of time. Deer resistant.

Helleborus Frostkiss 'Pippa's Purple' 
Another breakthrough from the Frostkiss Series, Helleborus 'Pippa's Purple' offers masses of purplish-pink, outward-facing flowers atop magnificent foliage that is mottled and veined with pink and silver later maturing to mint green on a dark green background.


 Helleborus x ericsmithii 'HGC Champion/'HGC 'Winter's Bliss' 
Pink buds open to large, creamy white almost yellowish flowers with a dark pink reverse. Rich, attractive, dark green, shimmery foliage. Deer resistant. 


Helleborus x ericsmithii 'HGC Monte Cristo'
'Monte Cristo' is a stunner with mounds of blue-grey leaves above which are held creamy white and yellowish flowers with peachy pink reverses on red stems. Flowers age to green and glowing pink


Helleborus x ericsmithii 'HGC Shooting Star'
'Shooting Star' produces incredible mounds of smaller creamy white flowers with pink reverses starting in mid January atop rich green foliage. As the flowers age pink and green develops in the face of the flower. May bloom in multiple waves from January to April. Red stems complete the show.

Helleborus x ballardiae 'HGC Camelot'
The days of 'Camelot' are not over. Pink buds open in January to reveal creamy pink flowers that darken with age. Handsome, rich green foliage on red stems.


Helleborus x ballardiae 'Pink Frost' 

'Pink Frost' is one of the best pink hellebores with pink buds opening in February to reveal pink flowers that mature to deep pink. The darkest pink tones develop in colder temperatures. Handsome, silvery green foliage on red stems.


Helleborus x ballardiae 'Mahogany Snow' 
'Mahogany Snow' offers mounds of big flowers with pink buds opening to white with pink reverses and then aging to mahogany pink. Compact plants, deep green leaves and reddish stems. Deer resistant.

Helleborus x ballardiae 'HGC Merlin' 
'Merlin' is a magical hellebore with pink buds opening in early February to pink flowers that age to an incredible raspberry purple. Pinks will be deeper in cooler temperatures. The outward facing flowers sit atop mounds of dark green foliage and are held on dark reddish stems. Deer resistant.



Helleborus x ballardiae 'HGC Platinum Rose' 
'Platinum Rose has bright rose buds opening to creamy flowers that age to dark rose. This gorgeous floral display is held on red stems above fantastic, large blue-grey leaves.

Helleborus lividus 'Pink Marble' 
'Pink Marble' is a strain of the uncommon H. lividus whose populations are limited to the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean. Less hardy than other species, it can be grown in a protected spot with overhead protection from buildings or larger plants. The gorgeous glossy green leaves are highlighted with creamy silver veins and held by pinkish purple leaf stalks. Long purplish green stems hold bowl-shaped creamy green flowers with a mauve-pink blush


Helleborus foetidus 
Helleborus foetidus has small, creamy green flowers with burgundy edges held in clusters at the top of the stems in late winter. The textural, leathery, deeply cut foliage is evergreen providing excellent foliage 12 months of the year. From western, central and southern Europe. Pay no attention to its common name. It never smells unless you mince up its foliage and what gardener would want to put it in the Cuisinart! Plant in full to part sun.



After you've noted the cultivars and quantities you would like, click on Register Now! to place your order. Once you've selected your plants and inputted your information you'll be taken to a PayPal page to complete your payment. You can use a PayPal account or simply use a credit card that PayPal will process for us. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. Look for the link to the option that you prefer.