Thursday 18th January 2018

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How to Build a Winning Marketing Plan
Thursday 18th January 2018

When we, as Small and Medium sized Businesses, spend hard earned PROFIT on Marketing it MUST be effective, it MUST bring more PROFIT back in. Hence planning for effective Marketing should not be an emotional process, in fact a Winning Marketing Plan should be based on pure Logic. The logic of spending 1 and getting 2 back… Simple? It should be, but often its not the case!

These are just some of the challenges and opportunities that we will discuss at this workshop and we'd love you to attend.

Our primary objective will be to simplify and clarify the potentially ‘grey’ world of Marketing! We will explain how to Build a Winning Marketing Plan that is:

  • Targeted
  • Structured
  • Effective
  • Measurable and creates RESULTS!

In addition, together, we will interactively explore contemporary marketing methods, such as Digital Marketing and Social Media and also expand on why traditional strategies remain crucial and highly effective. We will also cover how to apply powerful, proven principles to any and all visual marketing collateral. 

We guarantee that you will leave the workshop with knowledge, perspective, new, practical and immediately applicable ideas and important introductions to like minded business owners…you have to attend!

Mark Cadbury, from ActionCOACH, will be taking us through the vital steps in building a great marketing plan for your business.  So whether you've already got a marketing plan but not looked at it for a while and needs refreshing, or whether you've been meaning to sit down and write a marketing plan for your business - this workshop will help you achieve success.  

Register for the workshop today and kick start 2018 with a great Marketing Plan in place!

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