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Mighty Mato, 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' and Grafted Veggie Pre-Order 2018 

Welcome to our exciting grafted vegetable pre-order where you can pre-plan your 2018 edible bounty from the comfort of your own home with the most cutting edge edibles available. Pre-orders allow you to secure the exact plants you desire and allow us at Phoenix Perennials to make sure we have exactly what you want. If you're planning on growing these grafted veggies in 2018 please pre-order. Last year we had a number of people who missed out on some of the most popular varieties and said "we should have booked in advance."

Want to give Grafted Veggies as Gifts? You can use this attractive form to give them to that lucky person. They can also use it to pick up their own plants. Download it here

After you've noted which plants you want, click on the Register Now button at the bottom of this page to order them. We will email you when they are available for pick-up. The estimated date is May 4th, 2018.

SAVE $1 PER MIGHTY MATO, VEGGIE, & MELON & KETCHUP 'N' FRIES. Regular price for the Mighties is $16.99 but you can pre-order now at $15.99. Regular price for K. 'n' F. is $27.99 but order now for $26.99. Also, we are holding the 2017 price of our fertilizers so order in advance and save on any increases. 

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with Photos and Descriptions

The Revolutionary, New "TomTato" 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' is a hand-grafted plant that brings together tomatoes and potatoes, two close relatives, that together give us one of life's great pleasures: 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'. It produces the sweetest cherry tomatoes you've ever tasted by the hundreds. In 2016 an improved grafting method lead to much better crops of potatoes than in 2015 with a few pounds per plant.

Mighty Mato Grafted Tomatoes consist of desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties hand-grafted onto super strong tomato rootstock that confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in up to 2-3 times more tomatoes per plant than ungrafted plants! Heirloom tomatoes that are sometimes shy in their yields produce like never before. Cool modern varieties also produce extra large yields.

Mighty Melons and Mighty Veggies consist of desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties that are grafted onto super strong rootstock that, like the Mighty Matos, confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in extra large crops of fruit and vegetables. The grafting can make a particularly positive difference in our cool summer climates with melons, peppers and eggplants that all require hot seasons to produce good crops.

Pre-Order Your Fertilizers - 2017 Prices Held for Pre-Orders - The results of our tomato survey published in our January 2016 e-newsletter suggested that many gardeners are not fertilizing enough to ensure their success with their edibles. Now you can pre-order your fertilizers to make sure you have them on hand to get all the edible production you desire. Choose the right one for you. We have four options.

View the Full List of Varieties
with Photos and Descriptions

Click on Register Now to Select Your Plants!

Important Note: When you check out, click on the Pay with PayPal link. Once there you can use a PayPal account or simply pay with your Visa or MC and PayPal will process the transaction for us. When using your Visa or MC you do not need a PayPal account.

Local Customers: You will be emailed in advance with the exact date when your order will be ready for pick-up. Pre-orders are held for 4 weeks after which time your plants are returned to general inventory and you will be given a credit at the nursery. No refunds are given.

Canadian Mail Order Customers: These grafted veggies will not be offered on our official mail order site in 2018. If you would like to place an order, please do so here, minimum $40 in plants. Orders are shipped as soon as they are ready. If you have ordered other plants and they are ready at the same time, we will ship together. However, if your other plants are not ready we cannot hold grafted veggies to wait for your other plants. We are unable to quote a shipping rate for your grafted veggie order but can tell you that we charge the Canada Post rate plus a small amount to cover our costs. We do not make money on shipping.