Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 -

Sunday, February 4th, 2018
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The Cottages on Salt Spring Island 
315 Robinson Rd,
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1P7  http://www.cottagesonsaltspring.com/  

Driving Directions 


Jim Bergquist 
Owner / Coach-Consultant / Program Leader
Creative Business Futures, Inc.,  ”Transforming our way of BEING in business”

Business Manager
Flying Fish Productions, LLC”A World of Peace and Prosperity for All People is an idea whose time has come"
Jim@bizfutures.com | www.bizfutures.com

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Inga Michaelsen

Owner / Coach-Consultant 
Councious Leadership Evolution
inga@bizfutures.com | www.ingamichaelsen.com

Retreat Costs:

Tuition per person: $3970 CDN + GST(make cheque payable to Michaelsen Enterprises)

The tuition includes:

 The course

 All course materials

 Afternoon snacks & dinner on Jan. 30th

 All meals & snacks Jan. 31st - Feb. 3rd

 Breakfast Feb. 4th

 5-night accommodation at The Cottages, Salt Spring Island

 Shuttle to and from ferry or float plane


January 30th: Arrival Day

3pm-5pm Check-In

6pm -7pm Dinner

7pm-10pm Evening Session

January 31st: Full Day Session

February 1st: Full Day Session

February 2nd: Full Day Session

February 3rd: Full Day Session

7-9pm, Evening Closing Session

February 4th: Departure Day

11am: Check-out

Registration Contact

Giovanni De La Rosa 
Creative Business Futures Inc. 
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Unleashing and Sustaining the Creative Human Spirit in Your Team

The purpose of the “Spirit of Team” Retreat is to provide groups with the tools, insights and understandings that generate breakthroughs and lead to championship-level teams and industry leaders. It’s design has two predominant intentions:

1. To provide a structured environment in which your team can create a culture of mutual empowerment – a progressive, coaching/learning culture that enhances ongoing personal, professional and team development, as well as the opportunity for true mastery.

2. To introduce managers to the Holistic Principles of Creative Coaching™ and Sourceful Leadership™. These involve the art and science of transforming team members from producing  average or below results to inspired performers regularly delivering brilliant performances.

During this 5-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into the creative principles that cause extraordinary, breakthrough results.

Each of you will create a new access to your own natural creativity as applied to your work. You will be coached in designing a practical, work-related, catalytic project, called “A Game Worth Playing™” that is a powerful expression of the future you’re generating.

You will discover the degree to which you don’t listen; and with this new awareness, have a breakthrough in your ability to listen.You will create a new dimension for communicating and relating, allowing you to effectively empower and to be empowered.

Your team members will have the opportunity to develop themselves together and in the process, create a new “coaching culture” – a culture of active, mutual support and empowerment.

As a “Sourceful Leader”, you will have an enhanced ability to engage team members, as co-visionaries, in the fulfillment of the vision.

The program modules are highly interactive and encourage participants to use real time challenges as they learn to apply these powerful generative principles. You will have time as a team to explore how these principles uniquely apply to your company’s issues and opportunities.

We will support you in creating your bold and audacious company vision for 2018 and beyond. You will identify goals, outcomes and a plan-in-action that will support you in generating unprecedented results. This retreat is highly experiential and transformational. It requires commitment and intention on the part of each participant to receive the maximum benefit.

Intended Outcomes: Whatever results you produce from this retreat are obviously up to you and your team. If you are willing, this is the direction things will go:

You will experience:

  • A new awareness of the power of individual personal responsibility
  • An increased ability to communicate effectively and inspire great performance 
  • Being inspired by a vision of power and possibility
  • The ability to generate a culture of mutual empowerment 
  • Mastery of the power of acknowledgement and appreciation

Your company will notice:

  • Lower turnover of staff
  • A higher level of employee satisfaction 
  • Innovative, passionate and engaged teams
  • Unprecedented financial results 
  • An enhanced ability to produce outstanding results
  • Your company will also become renowned for your service and the difference you are making in the world. 
  • People will be drawn to your brand and the future you are standing for.

"The Spirit of Team" Retreat is an opportunity to create profound and lasting changes in the way you collaborate and co-create as you bring your team's vision into reality.

About the Presenters:

Jim Bergquist is the founder and principal of Creative Business Futures, Inc. a consulting firm offering programs for cultural transformation He is the creator of The Extraordinary Technology of Being™ (XToB™), a methodology for causing breakthroughs and creating unprecedented futures.

Jim initially began his career as a classically trained musician (keyboards) who for many years, preferred performing with jazz, rock and rhythm & blues groups.

However, being keenly interested in how practical applications of human creativity can be applied to global issues, he was deeply inspired by The Hunger Project and its effective and creative approach to ending world hunger. Jim worked with The Hunger Project, a United Nations NGO committed to creating the sustainable end of hunger and mal-nutrition in the world, as an idea whose time has come. As a Project leader, his worldwide experience in empowering people to create positive change in their lives, communities and organizations subsequently lead to his forming his own consulting firm. (Note: according to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as of 2014, the end of hunger on our planet is projected to occur by 2030.)

Jim founded Creative Business Futures, Inc. (bizFutures) in 1983 which offers programs based in cultural transformation and organizational creativity. Using bizFutures’ proprietary methodology, The Extraordinary Technology of BEING™, (XToB™),  he coaches leaders in generating organizational breakthroughs. XToB™ is a well established method for unleashing employee creativity and productivity as well as greatly expanding overall organizational effectiveness. 

A series of best-selling training videos and books about one of Jim’s long-time clients has documented his innovative approach for bringing about cultural transformation. In 1986, Jim began coaching a small, failing fish market in Seattle, Washington, now known as The World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. He coached them in developing an empowering company culture and in fulfilling their vision to be “world famous in a way that makes a difference for people.” Their amazing work culture is now included in text books and is studied in business schools around the world.

In addition, Creative Business Futures, Inc. has delivered XToB™ to many organizations, causing breakthroughs in industries as far ranging as retail, finance, education, automotive, construction, architecture, manufacturing, computers, government, healthcare and energy. Among these are companies such as: Boeing, Microsoft, Shell Oil, Alcoa and many others. Their focus is on the art and science of causing breakthroughs, management by inspiration and empowerment through ontological coaching.

Jim currently lives in Blaine, Washington where he enjoys his time with his family, plays music on weekends and enjoys caring for his many horses.



 Inga Michaelsen, certified Co-Active Coach, has been studying personal and organizational transformation for over a decade. Mentored by Jim in The Extraordinary Technology of Being™ for over two years, Inga has successfully applied the transformational principles of XToB™ in her own life and with her clients. Apart from her collaboration with Jim Bergquist, Inga Michaelsen offers coaching and consulting services to leaders, teams and organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world. 

She founded her consultancy, "Conscious Leadership Evolution” out of the desire to rethink the possibilities for leadership in the world and to help her clients leverage business as a force for good. Inga believes we all have the capacity to lead consciously at work and in our lives; and by doing so, have the power to impact the world around us in a positive and uplifting way.

Inga is excited to welcome you to Salt Spring Island, where she resides with her two boys. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying the natural beauty of the island, getting her hands dirty gardening, dancing and going on adventures with her kids.