Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST
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Located in the Yardley Grist Mill
10 North Main Street
3rd Floor
Yardley, PA 19067

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The Elemental & Emotional Matrix: The Dakini Mandala of Emotions & The Kaula Lineage of Asana Immersion

w/ Rachel May
Saturdays: 1/13, 2/10, 3/10, 4/21, 5/12, 6/9:
all sessions 12-6pm
Yoga is far more than the asana experience. We are layered bodies of being; and all of these layers resonate with the elements. In Sri Vidya and Tantra, the practice of yoga is often oriented to these elements; to not only give a visceral experience, but a rasa, or “taste” to the subtler realms of being.

In this extensive training, we will dive into the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. The Dakini’s are the priestesses of Kali: and they reside in the realm of our emotions, which our own response to space. This meditation practice is versatile and dynamic; much as each of our own matrices of emotion are. We connect with the Dakini and their element, as well as their essence and wisdom: in order to have a resonance with a higher level of consciousness than our obstructed emotional state allows. The practices in the mandala incorporate vows, taken to give a new response to our emotions; as well as pranayama, meditation and energetic transmissions to build a new emotional intelligence. It is a practice of transformation at the highest and yet most approachable level; giving a life long toolkit for liberating our emotions.
Along with this, we will also move into the Kaula lineage of asana; an elementally based sequencing of asana that works to connect us to the element and the organ systems that are in relationship to it. This asana system focuses first on an internal subtle body orientation: which shifts our physical experience to a deeper level, allowing for an inherent wisdom to guide us on our mats. There is also a brilliant system of physical adjustments we can take as teachers: that support this deep ease and release of tension, stress and samskara.
January 13th: Introduction to the Mandala and Sri Vidya
Overview of the Dakinis, Our Relationship to Them, The Elements and The Practices
Partnering Sessions to Develop an Internal Orientation Prior to Teaching/Assisting
A Full Asana Practice Incorporating All Elements
February 10th: The Earth Element Asanas, Ratna Dakini, and The Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas & Large Intestine
Specifics of Ratna Dakini + Practices with Ratna
The Earth Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas & Large Intestine
March 10th: The Water Element Asanas, Vajra Dakini, and The Lungs & Reproduction System
Specifics of Vajra Dakini + Practices with Vajra
The Water Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Lungs and The Reproduction System
April 21st: The Fire Element Asanas, Padma Dakini, and The Heart, The Lymphatic System & Small Intestine
Specifics of Padma Dakini + Practices with Padma
The Fire Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Heart, The Lympathic System & Small Intestine
May 12th: The Air Element Asanas, Karma Dakini, and the Liver, The Skin & The Colon
Specifics of Karma Dakini + Practices with Karma
The Air Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Liver, The Skin & The Colon
June 9th: Sequencing All Asanas, Buddhi Dakini, and the Kidneys, Brain & Nervous System
Specifics of Buddhi Dakini + Practices with Buddhi
The Space Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Kidneys, Brain & Nervous System
Cost: $500 for the entire immersion
(payment plans are available!!)I