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Saturday, December 9, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM PST
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    Chetcuti Room • Millbrae Public Library
                          450 Poplar Avenue
                         Millbrae, CA  94030

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About Our Presenters

Tracy Akresh Stone, MBA, is an executive coach at unpackingthebox Professional Coaching. She partners with leaders on career transitions, managing change, developing leadership practices, and creating more effective teams. Her training is based on the principles of positive psychology and utilizes assessments and tools including the MBTI®, Interaction Styles® and Essential Motivators®. Prior to starting her coaching practice, Tracy held leadership positions at Ernst & Young, JPMorgan and HP as well as start-ups including Esurance and POPSUGAR. She earned a B.S. from Wharton School and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Tracy has ENFP preferences. Learn more at, and

Kailin Wang, Ph.D. holds a doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. She has provided consulting and coaching services for the past 5 years with prior 15 years work experience in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry across various job functions including technical marketing, business development, talent development, and software engineering. With a better self-knowledge after acquiring her MBTI® certification, Kailin transitioned her career to focus on coaching individuals for career and leadership development. She also provides training and workshops for teams, and research and analysis services for organizations. Kailin has spoken at many top universities in China and Taiwan to share career planning insights and tips with students. Kailin has INFJ preferences. Learn more at, and

 Saturday December 9, 2017 • 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 

BAAPT Member Showcase

Asking for What You Want -- A Perspective Shift

 Presented By 

Tracy A. Stone, MBA (ENFP preferences)


More Than Personality -- Culture as an Overlay or Underwear?

 Presented By 

Kailin Wang, Ph.D. (INFJ preferences)

Members:  Free • Visitors:  $35
 NOTE:  Members may bring first-time guests at no charge

Please note that we begin at 9:00 a.m.  with refreshments and facilitated networking. The presenters begin at 9:30.

Two of our fellow BAAPT members share their insights into type.

Tracy Stone: Asking for What You Want - A Perspective Shift!

Learn more about Linda Beren’s Four Interaction Styles®, which tell us the "how" of our behavior. It refers to patterns of interaction that are both highly contextual and yet innate. Knowing our interaction style helps us locate interpersonal conflicts and situational energy drains. Interaction Styles are based on typology, and give us a map for greater flexibility in our interactions with others. 

Participants will take away from this session:

  • New ways to use observable behavior to improve our success in negotiating and
  • Taking the fear out of asking and getting more of what you want
  • Learn the best ways to interact with each Interaction Style and how to flex to work with them
  • Learn how to use Interaction Styles to “back into” or verify an MBTI type

This presentation is geared to ALL Type learners.


Kailin Wang: More Than Personality - Culture as an Overlay or Underwear?

Understanding the convoluted influence of culture is critical in applying personality type in every aspect of coaching, team building, conflict management, personal and leadership development.

Participants will take away from this session:

  • MBTI® studies in different cultures and national samples in different countries
  • Hofstede's culture study in the 1980's
  • Schein's model of organizational culture and its application to an individual's choice of behavior in group sttings
  • Reflection on Kailin's personal experience and stories, her theory on how culture and personality intertwine to influence our behavioral styles
  • Looking at one more lens to understand people's behavior that may not be consistent with our own type preferences
  • Awareness of the influence of culture while interpreting and analyzing people's personality