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Here is the full list of Citrus Available in this Pre-Order:

Australian Finger Lime
Buddha's Hand Citron





‘Pomona’ Sweet Lemon

‘Variegated Pink’
‘Santa Teresa’ Feminello
New Zealand 'Lemonade'
‘Improved Meyer’

‘Giant Key Lime’

Mexican Key Lime
Mexican Sweet Lime
Kieffer Thai Lime
‘Palestine’ Sweet Lime
‘Rangpur’ Red Lime

‘Gold Nugget’

Lee x Nova (‘USDA 88-2’)
‘W. Murcott Afourer’


 Blood Orange
‘Vaniglia Sanguigno’ 

Sour Orange
‘Bouquet de Fleurs’





Yuzu Ichandrin
Sudachi Ichandrin



 The Great Citrus Pre-Order 2018 

45 different citrus for Canadian gardeners including 6 that are hardy and 2 possibly hardy in coastal BC!

We are excited to offer our largest selection of citrus ever and likely one of the largest ever offered in Canada. Thanks for your interest in the exciting and rewarding world of citrus. Please let all of your friends know so we can keep presenting a wider and wider selection each year.

Beyond classic favourites like Meyer lemons, navel oranges, blood oranges, key limes, and Thai limes, we have been very excited in recent years to be able to offer a number of citrus hardy in zones 7 and 8 which can be grown outdoors year round in coastal BC. 

Meet the Hardy Citrus:  

Owari’ is a satsuma mandarin orange that is hardy outdoors in coastal BC! Plants form lush, tropical-looking, evergreen shrubs to 5-8 ft tall, bloom with white, incredibly fragrant flowers, and produce excellent crops of sweet, juicy, seedless fruit just like you buy in boxes at the supermarket but these you can pick off your very own tree at Christmas time with crops ripening from early December into February!

This is a picture of Phoenican Larry's 'Owari' satsuma in his garden in Richmond, BC taken in early December 2015. Fruit are still showing a little green but will continue to turn completely orange by Christmas.

A shot of Larry's tree in Richmond, BC taken in early December 2015 with some supplemental lighting. His tree is planted in the middle of the garden on the outside south facing wall of his greenhouse. This location will be a warmer microclimate in his garden but the plant is still exposed to the full brunt of winter cold snaps and shrugs them off. 


Yuzu Ichandrin - Yuzu is prized in Japan for flavoring, juice and preserves producing abundant, easy-to-peel, 3 inch diametre fruit with tasty, lemon-lime flavour. It has also become a hot item for foodies in North America. This Citrus is super hardy to about minus 18 degrees Celsius and can be easily grown outdoors in coastal BC year round. Zone 7.

Sudachi - Sudachi is a cross of a mandarin orange and yuzu. Sudachi, like yuzu, is prized in Japan for culinary pursuits. The unique, spicy juice is used to flavour soups, sauces (including ponzu), fish dishes, ice cream, and other desserts. The fruit is golf ball sized and is usually picked green when the flavour is more pronounced but can also be harvested once fruit changes to orange-yellow. Higher in vitamin C than lemons. Perfectly hardy in coastal BC down to zone 7!

'Nagami' Kumquat - Kumquats are not well known in North America yet they are a citrus forming delicious, small, egg-shaped fruits 1-2 inches long that have a thin rind and are eaten whole, skin and all. The rind has a sweet/tart flavour and the flesh is sweet giving an overall refreshing and thirst quenching experience. The 'Nagami' kumquat is hardy to zone 8 and can be grown year round in coastal BC. It produces large crops, is very ornamental, and can be allowed to grow as an open shrub or trimmed to keep tight, even as a hedge in protected locations.

'Centennial' Variegated Kumquat - A variegated sport of the 'Nagami' kumquat. Eat the orange and green striped fruits peel and all. Hardy in coastal BC to zone 8 though, due to being variegated, it won't likely have quite the same hardiness as 'Nagami'.



'Nordmann' Seedless 'Nagami' Kumquat - Kumquats are eaten peel and all for a sweet-tart combo. Heavy producer of small, seedless oblong fruits. Hardy in coastal BC. Zone 8.





AND we are watching relatively new players that are potentially hardy in coastal BC: the mandarin 'Gold Nugget' and the orangequat 'Nippon' which is a cross between a hardy mandarin and a 'Meiwa' kumquat.

In addition to these cultivars we have a full range of classics and rare cultivars for your citric pleasure. Click on the link below to explore our selection! The citrus are available in different sizes though not all citrus are available in all sizes. What you see is what will be available in 2018. The sizes from smallest to largest are one gallon, 4"x4"x9" band pots, three gallon, and five gallon. Some citrus are available grown into standard tree forms. 

Give the Gift of Home-Grown Citrus Fruit: If you'd like to give some of these plants as a gift for Christmas, you can download a handy certificate to give to that lucky gardener. Download Now. They can also use the certificate to pick-up their plants in the spring.

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Canadian Mail Order Customers:  These Citrus will not be offered on our official mail order site in 2018. If you would like to place an order, please do so here with a minimum $40 in plants. Orders are shipped as soon as they are ready. If you have ordered other plants and they are ready at the same time, we will ship together. However, if your other plants are not ready we cannot hold citrus to wait for your other plants. We are unable to quote a shipping rate for your citrus order but can tell you that we charge the Canada Post rate plus a small amount to cover our costs. We do not make money on shipping. We can ship one gallon, 4"x9" band pots, and three gallon. We cannot ship 3 gallon standards or 5 gallon pots.