Society of Socio-Economists
2018 Annual Meeting:
Access to Socio-Economic Justice 

 Sunday, January 7, 2018

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel

Additional Participants Welcome
(Papers Welcome,
But Not Required)

C o n t a c t :

Professor Robert Ashford
Syracuse University College of Law
Syracuse, New York 13244
Tel.  315-491-4888


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2018 Society of Socio-Economists
Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 7, 2018
9:00 AM 
- 6:00 PM

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Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina 
333 West Harbor Diego
San Diego, CA 92101

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About the
Society of Socio-Economists

The Society of Socio-Economists (SOS) is a society of teachers of law, economics and other disciplines; other professionals; and interested people who approach economic issues in harmony with the "Statement of Socio-Economic Principles."

Statement of Socio-Economic Principles
and List of
Socio-Economic References

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Membership in the Society of Socio-Economists is free.

SOS holds (1) an annual meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Secion on Socio-Econonmics of t`he Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and (2) one or more additional conferences each calendar year. 

For the AALS Section on Socio-Economics 2018 Annual Meeting Program, click here.

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 P r o g r a m 

9:00 - 11:45 AM       Plenary Session 
Topics include...
  1.    Socio-Economic Theory
    Sustainable Economic Recovery, Full Employment,  and Growth 

  3.    Wealth and Income Distribution 
  4.    Race, Gender, and Class 

  5.    Corporate Fiduciary Duties, Governance, and Social Responsibility
  6.    Social Entrepreneurship
  7.    Economic, Financial, Environmental, and Tax Regulatory Policy 
  8.    Economics of War and Peace
  9.    Tax Policy
10.     Ethical Dimensions of Economic Analysis

12:15   -  1:15  PM   Luncheon Panel
 Marjorie Cohn (Thomas Jefferson Law School)``
 Mike Gravel (Former U.S. Senator, Alaska)

  1:30   -  3:00  PM   Presentations and Discusion
                                    (Based on Plenary Topics)

3:15   -  4:45  PM   Presentations and Discussion
                                    (Based on Plenary Topics)

   5:00   -  6:00  PM  Concluding Plenary


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 P a r t i c i p a n t s    I n c l u d e 
(some by electronic connection)

Robert Ashford
Law, Syracuse University
Co-Author of Binary Economics: The New Paradigm

Marjorie Cohn
Law, Thomas Jeffersom

Paul Davidson
Founding Editor, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics
Post keynesian Theory and Policy:
A Foundation for Successful Economic Policies 
for the Twenty-First -Century 

Lloyd Jeff Dumas
Political Economy, University of Texas - Dallas
Author of The Peacekeeping Economy

Thomas Geu
Law, Dean, South Dakota

Mike Gravel
Former U.S. Senator,Alaska
K.J. Greene
Law, Thomas Jeffersom 

Sidney Greenfield
Anthropology-Emeritus, University of Wisconsin
Co-Author:  Entrepreneurs in Cultural Context 

Philip Harvey
Law amd Economics, Rutgers University

Richard Hattwick
Founding Editor, Journal of Socio Economics

 Michael P. Malloy
Law, University of the Pacific |

Tayyab Mahmud
Law, Seattle Universitygo

Steven Ramirez
Law, Loyola Chicago

Nicolaus Tideman
Economics, Virginia Tech University
Author of Collective Decisions and Voting:
The Potential for Public Choice

Johnanne Winchester
United Nations Liaison

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