Thu  Dec.21, 2017 6:30pm est

Fri    Jan.06, 2018  6:30pm est

HOME ACTIVATION: Dec. 24th- Jan 5th, DIVINE STAR Blueprint Activation at home. 



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Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna 














A Holy invitation...

Awaken Your



13 Holy Nights of Christmas

12 Holy Days of Christmas


We are entering an unprecendented Galactic window following the  WINTER SOLSTICE this year... during the 12 holy days of Christmas...

Mother EARTH Gaia is aligning with the Galactice Core; the Cosmic Womb of the DIVINE...

and assisting us in our evolutionary process of awakening to our Divine Star blueprint within...

which allows us to activate the Christ consciousness... essentially bridging, weaving and restoring the Divine Feminine consciousness... in our Souls. 



For those of us on the path of Awakening... the Holy days of celebrating the birth of Christ on the planet, is really about...

~the embodiment of the DIVINE STAR blueprint within us...

~welcoming the consciousness of the Feminine personally & collectively...


We have to remember dear souls... 

we are the embodiment of the Christ consciousness...

if we so choose.

We are...

 the ones shifting our vibrations... 

we are the ones embodying the LIGHT frequencies...

we are the ones changing the 'collective story of the Feminine...

we are the ones purifying personally to carry the greater qualities of  Universal LIGHT of






for ourselves and for the planet. 

The Cosmic WOMB is giving us a great opportunity to step in!




During these 13 holy nights there is an immense Light transmission being flooded onto us from the Galactic Core, assisting our awakening and our evolutionary process of merging with greater levels of Christ consciousness and higher Truths, through the direct activation of our DIVINE STAR blueprint of the DIVINE MOTHER.

 At this time, we have the potential to consciously birth a new existence for the following year by taking the inward journey with the Holy Lights. This is real inner journey of the Holy magical season. The special window between the eve of Dec. 24th, (eve of the birth of Christ) and January 06th, when (the Kings witness the birth of this Light) is the 13 Holy Nights, also known as the 12 Holy days of Christmas.


And if you are yearning for the deeper transmission of this holy season, then I invite you to take this inner journey of 13 Holy Nights and restore the sacred meaning of this Holy time, regardless of your particular outer religion or faith.  This is a journey of reflection, contemplation and activation of our Divine nature.  



How do we journey together to 

Awaken our Divine Star blueprint?


We will begin our journey on

Dec. 21st Winter Solstice

6:30pm Live ONLINE

to initiate our Holy 13 nights journey...



 From the eve of Dec. 24th-Jan 5th, you will use the

~DIVINE STAR BLUEPRINT Meditation Activation daily to 

activate your own personal process in your home, 

 following the journaling and envisioning instructions

on your own, every evening.



We will come together for our final activation and celebration 

LIVE online on

Jan.06th, 2018 6:30pm est.




What do I need? 


Thirteen White Candles

Commitment to Sel

Access to phone or computer for LIVE CIRCLE on

Dec. 21st & Jan. 06th


Are you ready to activate your



Register Now!     Cost is the affordable low price


   in order to make it affordable during this time-  

with an option to donate, if you can,

in order to continue the work of the 

~evolution of the Feminine Soul