Global Heart Resonance

"Call to Wholeness"


Each week, we gather together to cultivate a conscious, interconnected global community, bringing the ethos of wholeness, greater love and expanded consciousness into every aspect of life.  You are invited to join us in this resonance practice every Monday. 

Come to the Oasis, Receive and Be Nurtured...

Each week we will build a rsonant field of coherence around a specific theme of inspiration.  When you reserve your space (below), you will receive a weekly email reminder with call instructions and the theme of inspiration for our time together. This Global Heart Resonance "Call to Wholeness" is a weekly practice. When we gather at the "Watering WHOLE" in this unique emergence, we find ourselves nurtured, revitalized and uplifted--ready to go into our week stewarding a resonant consciousness of wholeness--each in our own unique expressions. You can find more tips, tools and resources for this practice at GOOD of the WHOLE. 

Every Monday

TIME: 10:00 am PST/Noon Central/1:00 pm EST/6:00 pm UTC/8:00 pm Isreal

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All calls will be recorded and archived.



Join us in the GOOD of the WHOLE Community Facebook group as we continue to hold the resonance and build a coherent field of love, healing and wholeness for ourselves and the planet.  


With Your Host, Shelley Darling

Shelley combines her experience of ancient indigenous wisdom, with the nature of evolution itself, as she offers “Resonant Stewardship” an evolving whole system model that honors each person, while fostering greater harmony, connection and community coherence.  Resonant Stewardship is the amalgam of 20 years of emotional integration teaching, Conscious Evolutionary Mentoring, Unified Field Delegate Theory, Heart Intelligence and Resonance Coaching, as well as facilitating weekly Heart Resonance calls for over five years. 

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