2018 Hops Chess Fiesta Tournament    


Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST
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Ash Creek Elementary
1360 16th St.
Monmouth, Oregon 97361

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Nancy Albritton 
Independence Public Library Chess Club 

Join the Independence Public Library Chess Club's

Third Annual
Hops Chess Fiesta Chess Tournament

OSCF 2018 State Qualifier

Saturday, March 3, 2018

 Who can play:

  • All players are welcome. No prior experience is required.
  • This tournament is NWSRS rated. No annual membership fee or prior tournament playing experience is required.
  • Participation in this tournament counts towards the OSCF State Championship tournament attendance requirements.


  • Cost: *FREE* for players. Includes *FREE* lunch for players and families.
  • 100% Pre-Registered Event. No on-site registrations accepted.  On line registration through www.oscf.org
  • Entry deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Thursday, 3/1/17.  No extensions will be given.

Online registration only:  www.oscf.org (Select Online Registration on left menu bar).

No entries will be accepted after 11:59 pm, Thursday, 3/1/18 

What to Bring:

  • Bring clocks, notation pad & pen/pencil.  (Boards, sets & limited amount of notation paper provided.)
  • Parents/coaches bring portable chairs & books etc. to keep busy between rounds.

Concessions and other:

A Mexican Food lunch will be provided for all players and families on site.
Thank you to San Antonio Restaurant for this donation.

Players must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or coach – this is for the player’s safety.


  • All players must check in by 8:30 am on Saturday, March 3 .  
  • First round will begin as soon as possible after 9 am.
  • All players will play 5 rounds.
  • Award ceremony follows last round (approximately 3:30 p.m.)

Sections & Awards:

  • All sections are NWSRS rated.  Latest NWSRS supplement will be used for all initial pairings.
  • Trophies and cash awards to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each section. Medals for players winning more than half their games.
  • Where necessary, computer tie-breaks (SCO) will be used for trophy/medals. For cash awards, no tiebreaks - shared cash, instead, for tied players.

Novice: Players rated under 600 or unrated players grades K-5.  G/25 d5; 5 rounds.  

Intermediate:  Players rated from 600-899 or unrated players grades 6-12.  G/25 d5; 5 rounds.  

Advanced: Players rated 900 and up.  G/25 d5; 5 rounds.  Notation required; clocks strongly encouraged and may be used from the beginning of the round at any player's request or the TD's discretion.   

GENERAL RULES: USCF Rules apply; these are just highlights.

Time Controls: Clocks are not required at the beginning of the rounds at this tournament, except in the Advanced section, where they may be used at the players' and TD's discretion.  Time controls as noted above.  At the TDs discretion, clocks may be placed on any game in order to ensure that the rounds are completed wihtin the time available.  Clocks will be placed with time controls of no less than G/5 d5 (and possibly more per side).  If one player’s time runs out, the opponent calls “flag down” and wins the game.  (Standard USCF exceptions apply).

Touch Move: During the game, if you touch a piece and it has a legal move, it must be moved. Touch move does not apply to illegal moves. If one must touch a piece without intending to move it (to move it to the center of a square, for example), he/she should say “I adjust” before touching the piece.

Touch Capture: During the game, when it is your turn, if you touch your opponent’s piece with your piece or your hand, and it can be legally captured, it must be captured.

En Passant captures: If you are white and your pawn is on Row #5, or if you are black and your pawn is on Row #4, and your opponent moves a pawn two spaces up on either side of your pawn, you can move your pawn one space behind your opponent’s pawn and capture it. This move is allowed only immediately following your opponent’s pawn move. You will lose the right to capture if you wait another move or longer.

Breaks: If a player needs to take a restroom break, he/she should raise their hand. A monitor (if available) will escort you to the rest room. Standard rules specify the player takes a break while their clock is running.

Players own the outcome of their games: In order to encourage players to take more responsibility for their games, they will be asked to agree to an outcome (win, lose or draw) without any interference from the tournament directors. The director will assist only if asked by one of the players or if a dispute arises.  USCF Variation 11H1 applies.

Parents, Coaches and Spectators: Spectators are forbidden from influencing the games in progress in any way. Spectators include other players who are still playing, or have finished their games. If any player feels his opponent is getting assistance from others, his/her request to remove the others from the play area will be honored. Only players may make claims, others may not. Spectators are required to stay only in the designated spectator areas or in the waiting areas.


Behavior during a game: Absolutely no conversation with the opponent or any other players allowed during the tournament other than chess related words. No distracting body movements or facial gestures are allowed. Upon improper behavior, the opponent raises a hand and a tournament official will offer to help. First incident may result in a warning, and repeated incidents in forfeiture.

Other Behavior: Players will shake hands before starting a game, and once again after the game is over. “Good Luck” before and “Good Game” after the game are signs of good sportsmanship and are highly recommended.

If at any time a player has a question or an issue, the player must stop the clock and raise a hand so that one of the officials can help resolve the issue. Once the game is over and the players have agreed to an outcome, it will be considered final.