With an open mind and a desire to heal, peace and healing is waiting for you. You can overcome grief and struggle. With the profound healing power of Spirit and using the techniques in the workshop, 2018 can be your year of peace and personal freedom.

Students who have taken this course have said they experienced positive emotional benefits during and after the workshop including:  

  • A lessening of the heavy weight of grief
  • Relief from the debilitating effects of guilt, anger, depression
  • Comfort of awareness of your deceased loved ones 
  • Freedom to move forward without regrets
  • Renewed hope for a better tomorrow
  • Improvement self-trust and belief in yourself

{During this 5-week online workshop, your in-depth training includes:}

  • How to access the healing power of Spirit and apply it in your life
  • Techniques that help you dismantle fear and move forward with ease
  • Experimentation with various meditation techniques that bring peace, comfort and clarity
  • Discover your natural intuitive abilities so you can get own guidance
  • Use tested techniques that help you resolve guilt, worry and depression
  • Explore and practice your psychic and intuitive abilities in order develop personal trust and effectiveness
  • Learn how to connect with the Spirit World (guides, God, Angels, deceased loved ones)

{What's included for you:}

  • 10 hours of hands on live ONLINE training with Jennifer on video (telephone access also provided)
  • 8 guided meditation downloads that reinforce class teachings
  • Access to live video replays for 6 months
  • Technical support for downloads and access to class 
  • Downloadable guides and tips sheets to assist with home study
  • Live practice and feedback each week
  • Live Q&A each week with Jennifer

Dates: Mondays Jan 29, 2018 - Feb 26, 2018 7pm-9pm EST.

Spaces remaining: 12

You can access the workshop live from your computer or device. A phone number will be provided in case you have poor internet service or prefer using the phone. All students receive replay access of the course within 24 hours of the course.

This is a personal learning course. Please do not register in hopes that you may get a reading during the class. If you would like a private reading, please email info@jenniferfarmer.com and request to get on the wait list. 

Online Live workshop fee: $299.00

 ** Please note, this LIVE online workshop will be offered once this year** 

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Payment plan option -  $150 now and 1 @ $150 by Feb 9th, 2018