Why "Intimacy, Power and Healing the Feminine Wound?"

 For centuries oppression, violence against women, patriarchal systems and male dominance has created a prolific injustice in our culture. But times are changing. The sexual harassment allegations against film giant Harvey Weinstein sparked an online movement, in which women used #MeToo on social media to express solidarity for the pervasive issue of sexual harassment and assault. It also took the lid off of decades of secrecy and oppression in the work place and beyond. The sentencing of former Olympics gymnasitcs doctor, Larry Nassar, pushes the conversation and healing potential forward with tenacity. The stories women are telling are not new. And, as we are seeing, they are invasive in many high profile industries such as entertainment, media, politics, and sports. But what about the low profile stories? What about the women who don’t have the power to tell their stories and get help? Join us for this FREE Women's Forum as we focus on “Intimacy, Power and Healing the Feminine Wound.”


Return of the Sacred Feminine

We are called to rise up and embody the sacred feminine as we rebirth a whole new way of being, rebalance the masculine and feminine, and co-create a whole new kind of world.  Healing our fragmented sense of reality and remembering our inherent connection with ourselves, each other, the Sacred and all of Creation begins with embracing our own inherent divinity.  We will join in community to support one another and elevate our collective expression of the divine feminine. Now is our time.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018 ('Super Blue Blood Moon'), 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm EST

The Divine Feminine Rising: A Global Movement Calling Us Forward

* with Super Blue Blood Moon/Eclipse Ceremony

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm EST

The Fierce Feminine: Re-Claiming Our Power, Wisdom and Inherent Wholeness

* with Recognition of the World Interfaith Harmony Week

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 (New Moon), 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm EST

Deep Healing:  Sacred Alchemy and the Transmutation of Toxic Anger & Shame

* with New Moon Ceremony


We Live in Creative, Transformative Times

This online gathering for women will provide an inspiring sanctuary to support the cultivation of deep conversation, feminine wisdom, and spiritual growth. The forum will embody a feminine experiential design, bringing women together from diverse paths to:

• Dialogue openly about the topics, insights, lessons, meanings

• Explore the relationship between feminine principles, connection, wholeness and our evolving spiritual path

• Connect with one another in a private and confidential setting around shared purpose and values

• Experience guidance, inspiration, and encouragement while sharing feminine models, practices, tools and techniques

• Introduce the Beautiful Compost Healing Opportunity

 "It proved to be much more than I could have ever imagined. Slowly, without even realizing when it happened... these wounds were healed." ~ Christina A.



"These past three months have been the most amazing growth experience for me that I wish I had been offered 30 years ago. "You will not find a better facilitator or teacher for this journey. Julie is one of the most Loving beings walking this earth." ~ Paula Bertucci


We Will Experience Deep Connection with Ourselves, Each Other, the Sacred and All of Creation 


"These past twelve weeks have been an amazing journey. You are truly a profound, insightful spirit-woman, who deeply facilitates soul-rebirth through a guided path of personal cathartic expression." ~ Virginia Lilley 

Let Me Introduce Beautiful Compost

Beautiful Compost is a 12-week, multidimensional healing journey.  A new session focused on our theme "Intimacy, Power and Healng the Feminine Wound will begin February 21st.  This is an opportunity to burn away the debris of outdated and false beliefs about ourselves, the world, and who we really are, breakdown the illusion of separation in our lives, remove emotional blocks, and transform what’s not working. The alchemical fires of healing are within. We amplify those fires as we come together in circle to hold a high vibrational field and consciously support one another. I invite you to use unique and meaningful tools and techniques to clear old wounds, trauma and emotional debris. We’ll use ancient feminine wisdom, cutting-edge science, expanded consciousness, energy medicine, the unified field, coherence, resonance and the arts as medicine for the soul. Let us create, express, liberate and rediscover our inherent unity and wholeness. Beautiful Compost will prepare a fertile field and create the conditions for your highest expression and healing to come forward.  You are invited to explore whether Beautiful Compost is right for you.  For more information, CLICK HERE.  Or RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE.


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“I had no idea the gift I was about to experience... the whole process opened up and exposed areas within that I secretly kept hidden.” ~ Mary Ann Mesple


A Letter From Dr. Julie

Dear Friends,

I have a vision of a world transformed by people taking personal responsibility for their lives, health, thoughts, words, actions, suffering, and healing; a world where we learn to accept all of life’s experiences in their fullness; a world where we practice mindfulness, establish coherence and create resonance that transforms and transcends unnecessary pain and suffering. I have a vision of a culture of peace and a world of love.

I appreciate your interest in the Beautiful Compost journey.  “Intimacy, Power and Healing the Feminine Wound” is a special theme offering a unique opportunity on our planet. We live in incredibly creative, destructive, alchemical and transformative times. As old systems, born in the consciousness of separation, competition, and scarcity break down, events and daily news can trigger our emotions and push us to the edge of our own personal breaking point. We’re invited to look deeply within to consider what is out of alignment in our lives. It’s time to activate the power of our heart and access our inherent creative potential.

Some of us will use this opportunity to burn away the debris of outdated and false beliefs about ourselves, the world, the Divine, and who we really are.  It is the perfect time to breakdown the illusion of separation in our lives, and transcend what’s not working. I invite you to take a journey into expanded consciousness, ancient wisdom, cutting-edge science, energy medicine and psychology, the unified field of loving intelligence, and the arts as medicine for the soul. We will create, express, liberate and rediscover our inherent unity and wholeness.

We are divine, sovereign beings. We are sacred expressions of the Divine Feminine. We are midwives birthing a new consciousness--a new world.  No one individual, experience, organization or community has the right to take that power from us. It is time to step up and co-create a world where we respect and honor one another with compassion and tolerance for the GOOD of the WHOLE.  We must hospice the old ways of being as we transmute the subconscious blocks and emotional debris. At the same time, we are called to nurture and cultivate humanity’s new, emerging, and evolving creative potential.  That potential begins with us.

As we open ourselves to deep healing and this sacred path, we create more space for high vibrational energy to lift us in a field of coherence and transform our lives with love, light and a divine inspiration. This journey and community will be transformative, meaningful, and beautiful.  Together, we will grow personally and collectively.  Thank you for your interest. I look forward to serving as your Compost Companion!

A World of Love,

Dr. Julie


“It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Julie saved my life." ~ Lori