Career Direct Assessment for 

Academy NW students   


Denise Sumner 
Academy Northwest







  • Students: Have a clear map to a career that matches your personality, skills, interests and values and avoid costly pitfalls like choosing the wrong major or career!
  • Parents:  Help your student discover confidence and independence in a vocation they enjoy and save lots of money by minimizing college major changes!
  • Teachers: Guide your students to make wise choices while following their passions and gifts to find meaningful work!

Career Direct combines biblical principles with cutting-edge career guidance based on 20-years of development.  This assessment system is a one of the few tools to approach career guidance  integrating the whole person with current market employment trends.

This assessment is best suited for students in grades 11 and 12 and can be completed online in around 1 hour.  The student will then receive a comprehensive 30+ page report full of valuable information.  Since parents are highly invested in helping their children succeed, students should review this report with a parent and/or other caring adult. 

To get the most out of the assessment, students are also encouraged to do a follow-up consult with Elisa Anderson from Crossroads Mentors.  Elisa is offering a discounted service to Academy NW students. Here's her flyer for our students.  

Cost for Career Direct Assessment:  $65 (18% discount from list price)

To order your assessment follow this link.