Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST
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White Oak Baptist Church 
120 Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410

Driving Directions 


Sandra Coelho, Church Strengthening Team 
Baptist Convention of New England 

Leadership Link -- Connecticut 

Join us as we provide relevant and timely training for Pastors and their church leaders/members.



Current Trends in Children’s Ministry (Sandy Coelho, Baptist Convention of New England)
Are you baffled by the current trends in our world today?  Do you wonder why kids and families are so hard to connect into your ministries?  Come and join us as we talk about what’s happening in our culture and better understand the families we seek to minister to today.

Teach Like the Master (Kim Potter-Smith, Friendship Baptist Church, Brimfield, MA)
Who was your favorite teacher? Why?  Jesus was the Master Teacher because He not only conveyed truth, but taught in a way that set the stage for the hearer to be transformed by what they learned.  Let’s explore how Jesus taught, and learn how we too can set the stage for transformational learning in our classrooms.

Bible Literacy (Janiss Fowler, First Baptist Church, Manchester, CT)
A recent survey tells us that 40% of church-goers rarely read the Bible. How do we reverse this trend with the next generation? So let's talk about how to help our kids get hands-on with the Bible, explore what kids need to know and how we can help kids integrate what they have learned into their whole lives.


How to Study in Preparation for Teaching (Janiss Fowler, First Baptist Church, Manchester, CT)
Come and hone your study preparation skills during this session that will provide insights and tips to help you make this time count for yourself and your students.

Teaching Tips (Gary Rowe, Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Londonderry, NH)
This session will focus on practical ways that you can prepare yourself as a teach to present the Word in ways that your participants will become engaged.  These tips may take you out of your comfort zone but remember that we need to find meaningful ways to help our class to connect with the Scripture.  Let's learn together.

Personal Disciple-Making Plan (Gary Rowe, Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Londonderry, NH)
As we follow Christ, He transforms every part of who we are.  As a Christ follower, it should be our desire to make disciples.  Come and find a practical and challenging strategy to do just that.


Leadership Principles from The Life of John the Baptist (Pastor Mark Santostefano, The Worship Center, Hebron CT)
Jesus said of His cousin, “tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist…” (Matthew 11:11)
What can we learn from the life of John the Baptist to help us to become better leaders who serve the Bride and the Bridegroom faithfully?

Clarity and Courage Concerning the Gospel (Pastor Stephen Thiel, Christ Proclamation Church, Windsor CT)
Faithful gospel ministry requires clarity and courage.  You need to have clarity that the gospel is the power of God for salvation and sanctification.  You also have to have clarity on where people are at in their walk with the Lord.  This requires the courage to ask good question and the courage to provide biblical answers.  By God's grace and for God's glory, we are all growing gospel clarity and courage! 

Connecting The Dots: Discerning The Next Right Thing for Your Church (Pastor Mark Angerosa, White Oak Baptist Church, Cheshire CT)
Everyone seems to have ideas your church should implement.  There are endless options to plan and program into your ministry.  Connecting The Dots explores the disciplines leaders can practice to discern God's movements in and through the church.  Next right things then become clear, steps forward can be taken confidently, and the congregation enjoys the security of knowing it is following God together.


Connecting with your Community (Bruce James, Baptist Convention of New England)
Come and continue the conversation about connecting with your community and get some ideas and principles and that will help you implement it in your ministry context.

Event Evangelism (Bruce James, Baptist Convention of New England)
See how effective Event Evangelism can be and how this can help you set a strategy for your church and develop leaders in your midst.

Follow Up (Bruce James, Baptist Convention of New England)
Follow up continues to be an important part of any evangelism strategy.  Let’s talk about how you can make sure that you are making connections that last.


Worship Tech 101 (Flamm Candido, Baptist Church of Brookfield and New Milford, CT)
You don’t have to be a big church with a big budget to have amazing media presentations. Come discover how your church can up your media game for little to nothing. We’ll cover worship media software, slide design and layout, and tips and tricks to communicate Christ’s message visually. 

Communicating in a Web 3.0 World (Flamm Candido, Baptist Church of Brookfield and New Milford, CT)
Everything communicates - Here we’ll cover an array of topics including Social Media, Live Streaming church services, video production, church apps, websites, and more. We want to help your church get the message out as many ways as possible to as many people as possible for as inexpensively as possible.

Making Sense of the Informational Madness (Flamm Candido, Baptist Church of Brookfield and New Milford, CT)
Churches thrive on information. In this session we’ll focus on taking that information and putting it to work in practical ways. We will look at church management software, Next Steps/follow up technology, event registrations, disseminating information to your team, etc.


Crafting an Efficient Church Ministry Plan for Pastors (Joe Souza, Baptist Convention of New England)
This session will leave Pastors with an innovative framework on how to craft or redesign a ministry plan for their churches. It will be very interactive with practical exercises and case studies. Join us for some great tools to help you lead your church to great effectiveness.