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Friday, March 2, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM CST
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Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
926 Pelham Street
Montgomery, AL 36101

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Debbie Gaillard
P: 404.596.5744, ext. 105
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Educator Academy Workshops
Montgomery,  Alabama ~ March 2, 2018

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AM:  MIE Educator Academy:  Use Office 365 to empower Students with Workforce Ready Skills - (Cost $35)

Prepare today's learners for their futures by leveraging communication and collaboration tools that extend learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom.  In this workshop, participants will practice real time collaboration in Office 365, anytime communication with Skype, explore the endless possibilties with OneNote, and publish interactive content in a Sway.

Session Objectives

  • Participants will see examples of communication and collaboration tools in Office 365
  • Participants will experience real time authoring in Office Online
  • Participants will explore classroom uses for Skype
  • Participants will learn OneNote strategies that engage students in content
  • Participants will use Sway to publish interactive communication
PM:  MIE Educator Academy:  An Educator's Day Made Easier with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook - (Cost $35)

In education, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!  With OneNote, it's as easy as ONE.  One place to create all of your lessons, one place to share with students and one place to create student portfolios, projects and collaborative class creations.  Discover how to create, organize and share dynamic notebooks rich with interactive content.  Bring the classroom to life with enticing audio and video features.  Stay organized and on-topic using tagging, tables and tabs for new content.  Then, easily personalize the learning experience with Class Notebook, which provides each student with their own private notebook, viewable only by the teacher and individual.  Use the Content Library to digitize your existing lessons, and easily communicate with the entire group using the Collaboration Space.  Keep tabs on your class and stay organized with OneNote.  

Session Objectives
  • Understand and apply the key features of OneNote
  • Create a notebook
  • Utilize OneNote as an effective classroom tool
  • Create a OneNote Class Notebook
  • Set up student notebooks with desired tabs
  • Use the Collaboration Space for group work, brainstorming, and editable material
  • Use the Content Library to store and digitize existing lessons
  • Use Personal Student Notebooks to individualize learning


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