Reed Robbins Performance Solutions Presents...

Nick Reed Robbins

Peak performance Coach, Leadership and Management Trainer and Certified NLP Trainer

Nick is an exceptional performance coach and trainer. His passion for helping people to succeed creates a unique learning environment where breakthroughs and transformations are inevitable. He delivers training in performance pschology and specialises in junior to senior managment level programmes as well as Coaching qualifications. 


Nick reed-Robbins

Peak performance Trainer and coach
Reed Robbins Performance Solutions
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On this course you will:

  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses and work through them during the course.
  • Learn our simple, proven formula for writing presentations, pitches, briefings for any audience
  • Learn to identify your outcome, your call to action and your message.
  • Learn to write a presentation from the audience’s perspective. 

You will also...

  • Learn how to choose an appropriate communication style and adapt it as and when necessary
  • Learn how to structure information so that it is assimilated effortlessly and unconsciously by the audience
  • Learn what to include and what to leave out to make as big an impact as possible.
  • Add impact to your delivery with anecdotes, stories, metaphors, similes and examples to aid understanding of complex ideas.
  • Learn how to deliver confidently and assertively, free of nerves or anxiety.
  • Learn how to answer unexpected questions and help people understand your message
  • Use a variety of media to illustrate and back up your points
  • Use body language and voice tone to enhance your message
  • Use advanced learning techniques to ensure understanding and retention of your ideas. 

“I want to let you know how much the team enjoyed our Advanced Presentation Skills session with you. Our AVP’s, VOs and Directors enjoyed focusing on the psychology of presenting, the less tangible factors involved and getting inside the minds of the audience. It was a unique approach, which provided us with real tools we could use right away. We look forward to working with you again.”

Jane Masen, Director, Citi, Netherlands.

Creating & Delivering Powerful Presentations

                       22nd & 23rd March 2018

At The Clare Charity Center, Saunderton.  Bucks. HP14 4HU

9:30am to 5pm

Tickets from £366 - £570
Maximum class size is 8 delegates.  

Transform Your Presentations In 2 Days!

This 2 day interactive workshop will teach you how to present information, convery your message, sell your ideas, persuade, entertain and motivate your audience  in the most effective way to achieve your outcomes.

You’ll become a more engaging speaker, inspiring your audience and creating a lasting, positive impact with a clear, well-structured message.

This course is highly participative, designed in such a way to be fun, friendly, informative and effective. We will build your confidence throughout the course so whether you're scared of presenting or love public speaking, you'll have made a huge improvement by the end of the course.

You will be coached in creating your presentation throughout the course so your new skills are ready to use back at work immediately. 

Who's It For?
Due to the performance psychology covered on our unique and transformational course and the 1:1 coaching involved throughout the training, this course is suitable for complete beginners all the way to advanced level presentations.

If you have already attended our presentation skills training, please enquire about our advanced training in story telling, linguistics and stage skills.

                                                               2 day schedule

Structuring Your Presentation: 

  • Deliver your prepared 2-minute presentation and receive your personal challenges to rise to on the course.
  • How to plan and prepare for your presentation
  • How to gain credibility and self confidence
  • Use the 4-Mat Model formula for presentations
  • Learn a proven 5-minute formula for creating ANY presentation
  • Understand what to put in and what to leave out


Making an Impact:

  • Win the hearts and minds of people and understand how to inspire, persuade and motivate your audience.
  • Tools for creating impact: Stories, anecdotes, metaphors, examples, diagrams, pictures, repetition, Q&A, discussion etc.
  • Making it clear, memorable, entertaining, emotional, engaging, persuasive, simple and effective!
  • Visual aids and how to use them


Confident Delivery:

  • Body language for impact, charisma, presence and integrity
  • Voice skills and removing distracting habits
  • Stage skills and using non-verbal communication
  • Banishing nerves for super confidence!
  • Dealing with difficult questions and delegates
  • Finishing your presentation and getting applause
  • Practice by delivering your 10-minute ALL-OUT inspirational presentation with detailed feedback!

What you will gain:

You will learn to be a more engaging speaker, with an ability to convey complex ideas and concepts easily to any audience.

You will have a deep understanding of how audiences think and how to convey information to them in order to achieve your outcomes.

You’ll have a proven formula for writing well structured, logical and even entertaining presentations FAST!

You’ll also be more confident in delivering your message using a variety of techniques that ensure maximum impact.


Bring with you a 2-min presentation that you will work on throughout the training. It can be work related or just for fun. It's up to you.