Join Wings Bookstore for this special event Mother's Day Weekend. During this powerful evening, psychic medium, Jennifer brings the Spirit World closer to you. Experience healing energy and communication the Spirit World offers. She'll lead the group in an insightful discussion about connecting to your loved ones and lead the group in a healing meditation. 

Once the group energy is set, she'll share loving messages from the Spirit World with members of the audience. This is a wonderful event to share with family and friends.

Jennifer Farmer is a naturally gifted intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher. She is a recognized leader in her field of spirit communication, intuitive and personal development. She offers public demonstrations of her mediumship and teaching her signature workshops on developing intuition. Jennifer developed a series of healthy living guided meditations to help improve your spiritual connection, reduce stress, manage chronic pain, overcome anxiety and depression and take control of your life.

Attendance does not guarantee a message. 

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Tickets are $35.00 

This event is brought you to by Wings Bookstore.

Event will be held at First Unity Campus located next door to

Wings Bookstore 

4500 4th Street North 

St Petersburg, FL 33703