Diana O'Dowd, Event Chair

Tricia Walters, Donations Chair              




Friday, February 23, 2018                            6:30pm - midnight

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Lake Valhalla Club 
13 Vista Road
Montville, NJ 07005

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Our Ad Journal is a great way to advertise your business, send a message to your children, or simply show your gratitute to our amazing grandparents who are always supporting us.

Gold Page - $500                                     Silver Page - $300                                   White Page - $100 (full)                                   White Page - $50 (half)                                 

 Please submit your ads by Feb 15th. Contact Kate Baron at for more information.  


Hit all the right notes! Buy your very own personalized vintage 45 vinyl record for your child or family to be displayed that night at the Lake Valhalla Club!

  • Records are $25.00 each
  • Each Record must be purchased prior to the event by Tuesday, February 20th.


50/50 Raffle tickets were sent home via backpack.  They are $10 each or 10 for $100.  If every family sold one book it would be extremely helpful!  Last year $4,500+ went home with the winner! The winning ticket is drawn at Casino Night! (you do not need to be present to win)





How Casino Night Works

A Professional Entertainment Company is hired to bring in Professional Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Poker tables.  They also provide professional dealers who teach and help you play the games.  Participants enjoy the excitement of playing these casino style games of chance and skill with "play" money or chips.  The ticket price of $110.00 per person ($100.00 before 2/4/18) includes an initial set of chips worth $25. 

Players can purchase more chips, with real money, at the "Casino Bank".  For example, donate $50 of real money to receive 3 for 1 in chips or $150 in chips.  When the games close, chips are converted into raffle tickets for a chance to win raffle prizes.   There will be many raffle prizes to choose from!  A list of the winning raffle ticket numbers will be compiled and distributed immediately following the close of the gaming portion of the evening.  Winners may bring their winning raffle ticket to the pick-up location to claim their prize.  No chips are exchanged for real money.

The non-gamer may purchase raffle tickets at the "Bank" any time through-out the evening to participate in the raffle.

On the night of the event please read the Casino Night Rules for more information or consult the professional dealers.

Basket winners must be present to redeem prizes at Casino Night.



The Silent Auction consists of prizes valued at $250 and up.  A majority of the prizes are geared to the school children, such as several artwork pieces done by the children themselves, "Dress Down Day" for each grade, and other fun things contributed by Mr. Galka and the Teachers.  However, there are also some great prizes for parents!  Tickets to plays and sporting events; designer jewelry and hand bags, sports memorabilia, etc.  For every item in the Silent Auction , there is a Bid Sheet which contains:
    * Item Number
    * Description of Item
    * Retail Value (what the item is worth)
    * Minimum Bid (the starting price)
    * Lines for Bid Increments (additional bids in increments of $25)

Participants make their bids by CLEARLY PRINTING their full name on the bid sheet.  When you sign your name to a bid sheet, this becomes an agreement that you are willing to pay that bid amount for the item. 

 When the Silent Auction ends, the bid sheets are collected and the person with the highest bid is the winner of the item.  Winners will be posted on a board in the entry way of the Manor.  At the end of the evening, winners can pay for and collect their items at the check-out area. 




 Again, some of the prizes are geared toward the school children (in the past we have had Principal for the Day; Assistant to the gym teacher etc), but there are others that anyone would love to win.   Sporting event tickets, beautiful jewelry and other great stuff!  The Live Auction is the final event of the evening.  Winners of Live Auction items can pay for and collect (where applicable) their prizes at the check-out area.



 Cash your Casino Chips in for Tricky Tray tickets.  Tickets can also be purchased at the Casino Bank.  There will be different prices for different prize tiers.  You must be present to win this prize category!