Friday, May 4, 2018  7:00 -10:00 pm CST
Saturday, May 5, 2018  9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST

Summer Class Tuesday May 15 - July 24  Morning (10:00 am-noon) or Evening (6:30-8:30 pm)

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Jan Cusimano 
Transformation Ministries 

Mark Virkler:  "4 Keys To Hearing God's Voice"

2-Day Seminar & 10-week Summer Class

If you are one of His sheep, then Jesus is speaking to you and you are hearing His voice! The problem is that we have not learned how to identify His voice (thoughts) and differentiate it from all of the other thoughts that bombard our hearts and minds. Mark Virkler's teaching on the four keys to hearing God's voice has helped hundreds of thousands of people of every age on every continent clearly and consistently begin to recognize the voice of the Lord within their own hearts. This leads to a deeper intimacy with Jesus as well as greater faith, hope, joy and wholeness.

Mark sees himself as a coach, leading you into your own personal encounter with the Lord. In the workshops, Mark will help set the scene so you can go for a walk with Jesus along the Sea of Galilee. You will ask Jesus questions; He will answer and you will write down what He is saying to you, capturing this flow of thoughts on paper. And you will be taught how to confirm that what you have written is actually the voice of the Lord. We agree with Jesus that His sheep hear His voice, and we guarantee that you will hear Him!

  • Four Keys to Hearing God's Voice 
  • How to Break Out of the Box of Rationalism and Experience the Holy Spirit!
  • What God's Voice Sounds Like (Jn. 7:37-39)
  • How to Instantly Remove Idols from Your Heart, Resulting in a Pure Flow 
  • How to Effortlessly Still Your Mind (Ps. 62:5)
  • How to Regularly Receive Visions from God (Acts 2:17)
  • How to Capture God's Voice and Vision Through Two-Way Journaling (Hab. 2:1,2; Rev. 1:9-11)

Cost for 2-day seminar  (May 4 & 5)  AND 10-week Summer Class is $75.00 (Includes seminar, books, and summer class tuition)  

Summer Class Tuesdays May 15 - July 31 --  Morning (10-00 am) or Evening (6:30-8:30 pm)    

Childcare Not Provided