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Jenny McKee 

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We are a TRIBE of Women in Durham Region & Clarington looking to connect online (and in person) authentically, share in our triumphs and learn from those who've walked the path before.

This Facebook Group
is for Women Only!

Have a business? Awesome! Work for someone else? Great! Stay at home mom? Fabulous! Looking to start a business... but not sure what direction to take? Amazing, maybe we can help!

All women who are looking to get inspired, keep motivated and meet new friends are welcome. This is not just a business networking group, this is a TRIBE of women who've got your back.

Let's get connected with each other from our hearts and inspire each other to DREAM Big, BELIEVE in Possibilities (and ourselves) and BECOME who we truly are meant to be.

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"Just for Today"

A deck of Daily Affirmations to keep you Inspired, Empowered
and Feeling Fabulous  #FF!

The deck is divided into three categories

~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~

Choose a card each day to recieve messages, guidance & reminders to help you create a life you love.  YOU create thelife you want each day by setting your intentions and the thoughts you think... Just For Today, choose to be present in each moment and love yourself unconditionally. 

You are Freaking Fabulous #FF just as you are!

~ Dream ~ Believe ~ Become ~

One Deck $35+hst ~ SAVE $5

Two or more Decks $30+hst ~ SAVE $10 off each deck!