Friday, April 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM CDT
Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM CDT

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The Homestead Education Center
402 Lake Valley Road
Starkville, MS

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Jennifer Welch
Just Breathe

Just Breathe Retreat: April 6-8, 2018 

Just Breathe provides a weekend to connect to yourself and to find communion with friends. Many of us are aware of our disconnect with our body, with each other, and with Earth. This disconnect is a spiritual disease. Indigenous cultures, shamans, mystics and spiritual leaders know the interconnected web of life and behave accordingly, emulating for us a peaceful, symbiotic relationship with self, community, and Earth.

Our Western culture places a high value on left-brain functions: logic, science and linear reasoning. Additionally, we live in a paradigm of scarcity economics, so the daily stresses to survive and succeed, as well as toxic media messages, send our body into a constant state of fight-or-flight. An overemphasis on the left-brain leaves many of us without the tools and time to practice right-brain experiences. The right-brain houses intuition, emotions, your ability to empathize, your creativity, and mystical experiences. Just Breathe invites your other half to drum, dance, pray, sing and play.

Rituals are already present in your life in ways in which you dress in the morning, work, prepare food and relate around sports or community events. Rituals can also bond a community. The elaborate rituals in religious service evoke deeper meaning and ask the worshiper to travel beyond the physical reality into the metaphyical reality. Ceremony and art are interconnected. We will co-create ceremony together using rituals shared across many generations and many spiritual paths. A sage smudging will cleanse your aura and drumming will sync our collective heartbeats.

Begin your morning with a mindful walking meditation in your bare feet and end your night with ecstatic drumming, music-making or dancing.

When our whole self is served and nourished, we find healing and solace. Come be a part of a community practicing joy, love, vitality, and health. Come, breathe, and be.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." ~ Rumi 


Registration includes 5 meals and all workshops and materials. The Just Breathe Retreat sign-in will be on Friday from 4-6 pm and we ask all participants to be present for dinner at 6 pm. A closing cermony on Sunday at 11 am will conclude our time together. Healthy meals will be prepared on-site by our resident cook, Dana Hale. 

Bed registration ($240): Bedrooms at The Homestead have multiple beds in each room with bunks and queen size beds, and the first 20 to register for a bed will qualify you for a reserved bed. Bedding and towels are provided. Male and female registrants are welcome but rooms will be designated to the same sex. Please indicate at registration if you are willing to share a queen bed with another registrant. 

Tent and commuter registration ($170): This option will be honored for the first 20 registrants to select these options. You must bring your own camping items and each registrant must pay this price, regardless if you share the same tent. You will have access to a rented porta-john during the night and the inside bathroom during the day. If you live locally or have a strong preference for or medical reason to have a private room, you may choose the commuter registration. Hotel registration must be made by and paid for by the registrant. We request commuters be at The Homestead for all scheduled events so as to build community with those present.

* Registration is non-refundable but is transferrable to another. Cancellations after April 1 will be treated as a donation. Scholarships/donations are accepted.


Exploration of the Divine Fiminine and Divine Masculine by Duann Kier

What do we mean by "divine" feminine and "divine" masculine?  How are they different from just feminine and masculine?  Are they out of balance upon our planet?  Are they out of balance within ourselves?  How do you see yourself in relationship with the divine?  Is there a relationship?  Is there something more than a relationship?  Join Spiritual Intuitive Duann Kier as she facilitates a discussion exploring the answers to these and other questions about the divine feminine & masculine. Bio available at https://www.duannkier.com/

Sacred Sexuality and the Beauty of the Erotic Self by Shemekka Anderson and Jennifer Welch

Journey with Shemekka (Magdala Speaks) to harmonize your energy, raise your vibration, and remove blockages so that you feel more grounded, balanced, and whole. You owe it to yourself to live your best life. As a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Sacred Feminine Coach, Shemekka is committed to helping you heal mind, body, and soul. Her greatest joy is working with others on a deep soul level while giving each client 100% and supporting them with compassion, gentleness, and non-judgement. Shemekka received her energy healing certifications through Ataana Method in Nashville, TN, her Masters in Counseling from Liberty University, and has her own private practice providing both in office and remote healing. Her down-to-earth, compassionate approach to creating the sacred space necessary for you to heal with make you feel comfortable to release what no longer serves your highest good.

Jennifer Welch is a modern day Priestess following her Spiritual Path. She attends many retreats, including The Ecosex Convergence. She has hiked to Machu Picchu with Sierra Bender and shamans, participating in ceremony nightly to cleanse the chakras deep within the Amazon Jungle. When younger, she lived several years with a Buddhist Japanese grandmother and studied in Osaka, Japan. Jennifer reads many books on Spirituality, Relationship, and the Feminine. She wishes to pursue a calling to heal birth and sex-related trauma using Yoni massage. 

Sacred Ritual led by She

She (Sharon Showalter) advocates and practices the lighthearted "way of the heart" with wit, wisdom and willful work and believes that anything is achievable. She began her spiritual journey at a young age and in 1987, was ordained a Christian minister through Agape International.  In embracing her Native American roots, she now shares spiritual discernment and development through journeying, drumming, and ritual ceremony. She uses advanced Reiki methodology and shamantic traditions in rituals and ceremonies, and she uses crystal and stone therapy to attract energies needed for healing and enlightenment. Out of her own personal history of trauma, she became a certified Recovery Method Grief and Loss Specialist. She is a licensed "Heal Your Life" coach, teaching Louise Hay of Hay House philosophies. She leads "Heal Your Life" workshops and is the current Spritual Coordinator and counselor at Copac, a comprehensive recovery center for substance use disorders and process additions with offices located in Brandon and Flowood, MS.

Manifestation Vision Board by Mandi Sanders

Vision boards are an incredible tool to align you with your true self and manifest the life your soul desires. We will take time throughout this weekend to ponder that which we are ready to release and to utilize the power of attraction. Mandi Sanders will guide us through this process harnessing the power of the astrological new year which begins shortly after the retreat on the Aries New Moon. Mandi has been crafting visions boards with the Aries New Moon for the last 9 years utilizing this potent energy at the start of the universal cycle and leading workshops for the last 6 years. She lives in Starkville with her family where she facilitates workshops on natural family living, women's holistic health, and plant medicine. Mandi is also an herbalist and crafts her botanical creations in the form of a seasonal herbal share. You can read more about her and her offerings at www.sonsandmoon.com