Welcome to the WHOLE Connection 

We're building a field of coherence around the planet for the GOOD of the WHOLE.

The WHOLE Connection Weekly Coherence Call is for Mentoring Stewards of GOOD of the WHOLE. We invite you to join our community and open to your infinite, creative potential each Wednesday.   We will intentionally gather to build a field of coherence and conscious connection.  We delight in expanding the resonance and resting in the experience of our inherent wholeness and (w)holiness, while we move into generative, co-creative mutual support of one another.  On this weekly Coherence Call we will:

  • Attune to our wholeness and (w)holiness
  • Build a field of coherence for the GOOD of the WHOLE
  • Co-Create a conscious, deep connection with each other and all aspects of life
  • Provide generative mutual aid and support
  • Experience unique co-mentoring opportunities


GOOD of the WHOLE offers a "mentorship" instead of membership.  As stewards of the wholeness code and mentors for the evolution of consciousness, we collectively dwell on the evolutionary edge, ground heart-based initiatives and practices, and listen for new and emerging social forms. Old membership models don’t quite fit what we feel called to bring forward. So, we're gathering with a deep sense of knowing and trusting the unified field to guide us.  Our co-mentoring community is here to learn, teach, grow, experience, embody and emerge, while we evolve and express ourselves for the greater good.  Mentoring Stewards are both mentor and mentored – creating a unique co-mentoring relationship that is co-creating a whole new way of being for a whole new kind of world.  Myriad benefits include conscious synergistic connection and generative community support.  

Other benefits include:

  • Be listed in the WHOLE Community Mentoring Directory with contact information and links to your websites and projects
  • Make special offers for events, education, and products to the community
  • Contribute news, blogs, information, coupons, special offers, classes, products and services to be shared and exchanged with our greater GOOD of the WHOLE community
  • Participate in a variety of weekly and monthly offerings designed for our Mentoring Stewards
  • Receive access to archive links, documents, resources, tools, private conversations
  • Access the Mentor's Resonance Lounge  
  • Send in your calendar events and we’ll upload and promote them for you

There are TWO STEPS to participate.  If you aren't already, you must be a Mentoring Steward (CLICK HERE) of GOOD of the WHOLE.  You can become a Mentoring Steward with a minimum gift of $15.00 per month.  And then, please sign up BELOW to join us.  You will receive notices and Zoom information about our weekly gatherings of conscious community, connection and coherence.  We would love to have you join us!  If you envision a conscious world where every individual feels valued, connected and fully expressed as a whole being within the greater whole... If you feel called to co-mentor the ethos of wholeness... If you're purpose is to midwife the evolution of consciousness, we welcome you and look forward to supporting your unique role serving the good of the whole!