The Bucks County Taste Dinner Club


Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST
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Liberty Hall Pizza
243 North Union Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530

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Lynne Goldman
Bucks County Taste Dinner Club

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The Oxford Dictionary defines Liberty Hall as
“a place where one may do as one likes.” 

 I want our guests to relax with friends and family and enjoy our pizza,” says Bryan. “I’m excited to celebrate the power of pizza.”

Caesar Salad

Dessert pizza


at Liberty Hall Pizza

My father taught history and social studies to high school students for over 35 years. I was raised at a dinner table that was full of lively discussion, learning and laughter.

To this day, I love listening to intelligent people who bring me new perspectives and knowledge. And giving my two cents too, of course.

Some say that true dialogue is non-existent in America today. That may be. But we’re going to try something a little different for our next Bucks County Taste Dinner Club.

Bucks County Taste Dinner Club at Liberty Hall Pizza What is a "salon"?

A place where people discuss interesting topics of the day and enjoy each other's company. 

Come to Liberty Hall Pizza to enjoy stimulating conversation and great food on Sunday evening, March 4.

Liberty Hall Pizza is the ideal location for this event. We’ll have the Back Room, which is cozy and able to comfortably fit tables of 4 or 6 people, easy for discussion. The food is delicious and informal, so we can easily discuss and eat at the same time!

How will this work? I’ve chosen 3 topics (no politics, no religion!). Just choose the two that interest you most when you register.

When you arrive, you’ll be seated at a table that will be discussing one of the topics you chose. We’ll have a facilitator at each table to gently keep things going or throw a question in every now and then. Nothing too structured. This is meant to be fun and interesting.


Food: How do we make the decisions of what to eat? What to buy? Going out vs. eating in? Issues of sustainability, price, local, etc. What are your priorities when it comes to food?

Technology: In relation to our personal lives, what do we like about technology today? Hate? What is the value of technology? Where do we think technology is headed? What are your favorite tech toys and why?

Science Fiction – the past, the present, the future. Remember Fahrenheit 451? Blade Runner? Star Trek? The Jetsons? What parts of science fiction are a reality today? What isn’t? (Is Alexa really as good as the computer on the Enterprise?)

And the menu? We haven't finalized the menu yet but will soon. But to give you an idea, scroll down for what we ate at our last event.

The pizzas are baked in a Valoriani brick oven, imported from Italy, in just two minutes (at 850 degrees!). The result is a perfect chewy, yet charred leopard spotted” crust.

Liberty Hall Pizza is BYOB too!

Join us on
Sunday, March 4th 
6 - 8 pm

$45 pp (INCLUDES tax & tip)


Served family style


Bruschetta Crostini
plum tomatoes, red onion, fresh garlic, Sicilian sea salt, 
black pepper, olive oil, toasted crostini


Kale Caesar Salad
chopped tuscan kale, purple cabbage, roasted chickpeas,
toasted pumpkin seeds, garlic crouton chips, caesar dressing

Bistro Salad
garden greens, blue cheese, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts,
white balsamic 


plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano

Italian Fennel Sausage
plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Italian fennel sausage, roasted red peppers, red onions, fresh garlic, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano

Sautéed Clam
sautéed clams, mozzarella di bufala, fresh garlic, Sicilian sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano, chopped parsley, lemon wedge

Pizza Vegetariana
roasted eggplant, zuchini & red peppers, fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, Sicilian sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano


Nutella Pizza
hazelnut spread, fresh fruit, powdered sugar

mascarpone, heavy cream, eggs, expresso, cacao