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Folk Arts Center of New England 

Fiddlehead and Sunset

Fiddle School Dates: 
Sunday morning, August 12, 2018
Saturday morning, August 18, 2018

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Thompson Island, Boston Harbor 
Boston, Massachusetts

Thompson Island ferry
Fiddle Resting on the Bench

Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School

Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School 2016 dock at sunset

Welcome to the registration page for the 16th Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School! 

Sponsored by the Folk Arts Center of New England, BHSFS presents you with an opportunity that is unique to fiddle camps:  a chance to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Boston's Thompson Island, part of the Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, and at the same time enjoy Scottish music lessons with a world-renowned staff of teachers!  With the unique Boston skyline as a backdrop one mile away across the Harbor, Thompson Island offers an effortless way to "get away from it all" without having to go very far - even if you fly in from distant places (Logan Airport is a 10-minute cab ride away from the Thompson Island dock).  And with spectacular sunsets, a genuine New England clambake, well-sized classes, excellent teachers, lively dancing and music-making around the clock and an island staff that is always thrilled to welcome us back each year, this activity-packed session is guaranteed to leave you with memories and tunes you will treasure for a long time to come.


• Pete Clark (from Perthshire, Scotland)
• Troy MacGillivray (from Halifax, Nova Scotia)
• Anne Hooper (from Quincy, Massachusetts)

• Andy Imbrie (from Santa Clara, California)

• Eamon Sefton (from Stow, Massachusetts) 

There is much more information on the the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School website!

To register, click on the "Apply Online Now!" button at the bottom of this page.  It is best (but not required) if each member of your party registers individually under different emails.   However, if your family members do not have separate emails, register one as the main person, and the others as "Additional Campers". 

More Information

To receive $25 off your Fiddle School registration, and to support the Folk Arts Center of New England, become a member!  Memberships are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Everyone will be asked to pay a $300/person deposit.  In an email we will send you later in the process, we will tell you what your balance is, the due date, and the cancellation policy.  People requesting Work Exchange positions and Youth Scholarship awards should not pay a deposit; you will be notified of whether you received a Work Exchange or a Youth Scholarship and your subsequent balance by April 1, 2018.

     Adults                                                                            $950
     Teens & Young Adults (ages 13-24)                        $850
     Children (ages 12 and under)                                   $800
     Companions (no classes)                                           $850
     Single room surcharge                                               $200

 Folk Arts Center member discount                        ($25)