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Thursday & Friday January 15th & 16th from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM EDT
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Construction Worker Jobs:  Average Salary: $34,170 (US & World Report)

 With little to no experience, a general construction laborer or helper could get hired to do odd tasks on a site, and just about every construction site needs workers to assist with loading and unloading materials, making measurements, digging ditches, operating equipment, and clean-up.  General construction laborers often don't have any formal education requirement or licensing to start work, so the spectrum of "experience" someone has working in this field is immense. The most seasoned and multifaceted have the best opportunities, while the rookies will likely get entry level jobs. This occupation could be a great springboard into another branch of construction, and some of the time spent working under a master electrician, plumber, or carpenter could count toward the practical hours needed in a skilled trades apprenticeship.


Study: NYC Construction Jobs Rise But Wages Remain Flat

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Private sector construction employment in New York City rose 2.4% last year to an average of 114,875 according to a recent New York Building Congress (NYBC) study based on New York State Dept. of Labor employment statistics.

Workers earned an average of $51,060 in the first nine months of 2012, the latest period for which numbers were available.

 New York - Northern New Jersey - Long Island, NY-NJ-PA is one of the Top 50 U.S. Markets for total construction activity, according to Dodge. This means  real opportunities for you!

Projects Underway:
 NJ/DOT: Pulaski Skyway Deck Replacement
 Union County Family Court Building (RE-BID)
 New School of Business & New Center for Life & Envir Science

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osha 10 training


Between Jay St. & Tillary St.(Address & Room # Provided Upon Registration)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

*The closest subway train is the A-Train to Jay St. /Metro Tech or F to York St.  6 Minute walk to class.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSHA 10 Training?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) developed the OSHA 10 training courses as a means to have OSHA authorized trainers provide quality safety training for workers about the general hazards of their jobs.

Is OSHA 10 Hour Training Mandatory?

OSHA does not require employees to take an OSHA 10 course, so it is considered voluntary training. However, there are many other government agencies, businesses, and contractors around the country who make this training mandatory for workers to access their work sites. In addition, there are now seven states (Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Missouri, Nevada) who have recently enacted laws that make the OSHA 10-hour construction course mandatory to work on certain construction sites in their states.

Does Completing an OSHA 10 Course Mean I am OSHA Certified?

Completing an OSHA 10 course does not mean you are “OSHA certified” (OSHA certification is a commonly misused term), it means you get an official wallet card from OSHA that demonstrates you completed the OSHA 10 hour course in either construction or general industry. Most OSHA 10 trainers also issue students a certificate of completion for the course.

How Long is the Training Card Good?

OSHA 10 hour wallet cards do not expire. Additional OSHA safety training is conducted on an as-needed basis.

Exception: NYC Local Law 41 of 2008

Exception: Nevada Chapter 618 of NAC Amendment

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Class (2 parts)
in English
February 15th (Thurs.)& 16th (Friday)
pm-9:30pm  Downtown Brooklyn, NY

exact address provided upon registration

Part 1 February 15th (Thursday)
Part 2 February 16th (Friday)


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*Students who attend class and do not pay in advance  may request a refund at any time prior to any temporary or permanent card issuance. 


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 This course is designed for construction workers, foreman, job supervisors,and anyone involved in the construction industry. OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA.  You will receive an OSHA 10 card by mail in about 4-6 weeks, and will receive a temporary OSHA 10 card at the completion of your training.

Our trainers all OSHA authorized and experienced safety professionals.  This class is available in English & Spanish.  Other languages are available upon request.  If you need your OSHA Card attend this "Open to The Public" course.  Registration is available online.  It's quick and easy.  Just enter your basic personal information (name, phone and email) and method of payment.  You can register up to 10 additional students (guests) easily.  Just enter their names.  No extra work is needed.  You'll see the total cost for you and your guests.    No special ID is needed for the class.

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You will receive a temporary OSHA 10 card at the conclusion of the class which is legal proof that you completed the course.  Your OSHA 10 card will be sent mailed to you in a few weeks by the Department of Labor.

Safety University- Visit our online virtual university where you can browse over 200 safety related courses for your employees, or your own education.  Each course includes a certification of completion you can print out upon successful completion.  Course prices start at $20

About the Course

The times are given in ranges to show that we have the freedom to personalize the OSHA training according to the needs of the client and course participants.

OSHA 10 Course Content


*About The Instructor

C. Hunt is our OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses.  He is a site safety manager in New York City and holds a number of qualifications and credentials as a safety engineer and professional:

 osha trainer credentials
*Other OSHA Authorized instructors may teach this course

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OSHA Outreach Trainer Watch List-WARNING

Don't be fooled by cheap courses!

To become an authorized trainer, you must complete a required OSHA trainer course and follow the OSHA requirements for training and recordkeeping.  Most OSHA authorized trainers are highly experienced safety professionals and abide by the OSHA required  rules, but there are a number of trainers whose status as an authorized OSHA outreach trainer has been suspended or revoked as a result of failing to comply with the Outreach Training Program guidelines.  Don't be fooled by low prices and guarantees of getting your OSHA 10 card without attending the required training.  Some fakes promise you will get your OSHA Card immediately...this can never happen.   Make sure your instructor is not on the OSHA Watch List.  False claims of having received training, may result in prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 1001.  Potential penalties include substantial criminal fines, imprisonment up to five years or both.  It's not worth the crime -you'll do the time.  Get your OSHA 10 card from an authorized OSHA 10 instructor.

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