DAY 1 | Friday, February 23 - LI Welcome Center

9:00 AM - How Plants Function (Basic Botany)
1:00 PM - Planting and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs 

DAY 2 | Monday, March 12 - LI Welcome Center

9:00 AM - Turf Maintenance & Pests
1:00 PM - Insects and Diseases on Ornamentals 

DAY 3 | Wednesday, March 21 - at Planting Fields Arboretum

9:00 AM - ID of Trees and Shrubs – Part 1
1:00 PM - ID of Trees and Shrubs - Part 2 


Long Island Welcome Center., 5100 Long Island Expy, Dix Hills, NY 11746

Planting Fields Arboretum, 1395 Planting Fields Rd., Oyster Bay [Meet in the South Lounge of the Hay Barn]

Things you should know

  • Pre-Registration is Required
  • AM sessions run 9-12am 
  • PM sessions run 1-4pm
  • The manual is not required if you are not taking the exam.
  • Registration for these educational session/classes is separate from the manual and exam fee, which is paid to NYSNLA.
  • Lunch is NOT included. 
  • If you are already "Certified" but need CNLP Credits to re-certify - the full program qualifies for 18 credits!

    LINLA's CNLP Review Program 2018 

    Program Details at Bottom of Page

    Are you looking for practical horticulture information from industry experts to further your education and fulfill credit requirements?

    OR Are you interested in preparing for and becoming a Certified Nursery Landscape Professional (CNLP)?

    Who is Eligible for CNLP?

    Any individual who meets the following requirements is eligible to apply for CNLP status:
    Is a graduate from a recognized 2 or 4 year college with a degree in the horticulture field
    Has completed 3 years of experience in the horticultural industry.

    Please Note: You Must Register for the Exam / Manual Separately with NYSNLA
    To purchase the manual and/or register for the CNLP exam, visit the NYSNLA website and download the application.  If you have any questions, contact the NYSNLA office at info@nysnla.com or call (518) 694-4430.

    The cost of the manual includes the exam fee and is required to sit for the CNLP exam. Once you register, you have two years to take the exam, and you can take it in any region in which it is offered.

    CNLP Exam - March 27th 2018 * 9am at Long Island Welcome Center: 5100 Long Island Expy, Dix Hills, NY 11746



    Carol Isles and John Gaylardo 
    Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association 
    516-249-0545    or     Info@LINLA.org

    2018 CNLP Review - Program Schedule





    Session 1

    Basic Botany

    Nick Menchyk

    Friday, Feb 23rd

    9 am-noon

    LI Welcome Center, Dix Hills

    Session 2

    Planting/Maintenance of Trees & Shrubs 

    Jonathan Lehrer

    Friday, Feb 23rd

    1 - 4 pm

    LI Welcome Center, Dix Hills

    Session 3

    Turf Maintenance & Pests

    Tamson Yeh

    Monday, March 12th

    9 am-noon

    LI Welcome Center, Dix Hills

    Session 4

    Insects & Diseases of Ornamentals 

    Dan Gilrein & Margery Daughtrey

    Monday, March 12th

    1 - 4 pm

    LI Welcome Center, Dix Hills

    Session 5

    ID of Trees and Shrubs Part 1  

    Vinnie Simeone

    Wed. March 21st

    9 am-noon

    Planting Fields, Oyster Bay

    Session 6

    ID of Trees and Shrubs Part 2

    Richard Weir III

    Wed. March 21st

    1 - 4 pm

    Planting Fields, Oyster Bay








    NYS CNLP Exam

    Proctored by Region 1 Chairs 

      Tues. March 27th

    9 am

    LI Welcome Center, Dix Hills