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Matt Russell 
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Friday, June 15, 2018 at 4:00 PM PDT
Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 5:30 PM PDT

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Marymoor Park 
6046 W Lake Sammamish Parkway NE
Redmond, WA 98052

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The Washington Beer Commission is excited to present the 13th Annual Washington Brewer's Festival on June 15th-17th, at King County's Marymoor Park in Redmond. Please join us as we welcome nearly 20,000 beer aficionados and families as we celebrate world class Washington Beer on Father's Day Weekend!

This event is open to fully licenesed Washington state commercial breweries only. No out of state breweries will be accepted. 

Event Information:
Please take a few minutes to read through the event information before filling out your registration form. Click the registration button at the bottom of this page to register. After reading the event details, if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at matt@washingtonbeer.com 

Festival Details
Fathers Day Weekend
Friday, June 15th, 4:00pm-9:30pm (21+ only)
Saturday, June 16th, 11am-8pm (All Ages)
Sunday, June 17th, 11am-5:30pm (All Ages)

Marymoor Park
6046 W Lake Sammamish Parkway NE
Redmond, WA 98052

New Registration Process

Due to the strong interest in participation in Washington Beer Commission Festivals and now having 370+ breweries in our state we have developed a new registration process for all festivals in 2018. 

All interested breweries must register by 11pm on Monday, March 5th,
 to be elgible for this year's Washington Brewers Festival lottery drawing.

Registered Breweries will be admitted based on the following criteria

The top 25 breweries who received the most tokens at the 2017 Washington Brewerers Festival will be admitted after they register. Those breweries are listed below. These breweries are still required to register by the deadline of 11:00 pm on Monday, March 5th. If they choose not to register,  their spot will be added to the lottery spots. 

Skookum Brewery
Black Raven Brewing
Triplehorn Brewing
Postdoc Brewing
Heathen Brewing 
Iron Goat Brewing
Paradise Creek Brewery
Aslan Brewing 
Two Beers Brewing
Georgetown Brewing
Fremont Brewing
Crucible Brewing  
20 Corners Brewing 
Waddells Brewpub
Dirty Bucket Brewing
North 47 Brewing  
Icicle Brewing
Ghostfish Brewing
Ten Pin Brewing
At Large Brewing
Twelve String Brewing 
River City Brewing
Bale Breaker Brewing
Resonate Brewery

Hellbent Brewing  

The following breweries who were on the 2017 waiting list and did not get in will be admitted to the 2018 festival if they register before the March 5th deadline. 

Slaughter County Brewing Company
Bastion Brewing Company
Ghost Runners Brewery
Four Generals Brewing
Big Block Brewing
Walking Man Brewing
Big Barn Brewing Co
Doghaus Brewery
  • Breweries who are represented by Washington Beer Commission organization volunteers, including commissioners and committee members who regularly attend meetings will also be admitted. 
  • In addition to the breweries listed above approximately 60 spots will be determined by a random lottery drawing once registration closes. 
  • You will be notified on Friday, March 9th about the status of your registration. Any breweries not admitted will be placed on the waiting list. If not admitted from the waiting list in 2018, you will be guaranteed a spot in the 2019 Washington Brewers Festival. 
For this event there is a $175 booth fee, which can be paid once you recieve confirmation of event entry. Please do not send payment until after your admission is confirmed. 

Our recommendation is that each brewery bring at least five 1/2 bbl kegs but no more than ten. Last year’s top token collectors poured though 8 to 9 1/2 bbl kegs over the three days and the average was 4.5 kegs poured per brewery. We will have cold trailers on site for extra keg storage. Our goal is for all breweries to pour for the entire event without running out of beer so please plan a little on the high side. 

Each brewery is invited to bring and pour as many beer styles as they like but let’s not get too crazy. Any kegs you are pouring at your table at any one time must fit within your 6 foot wide booth space so plan accordingly . You may not block the aisles or encroach on your neighbors with your kegs or jockey box set up. Six beers at one time should probably be the high end.  

You may pour different beers on different days of the festival of course, but due to keg storage and delivery logistics we will no longer support or post hourly tapping schedules. We encourage you to pour your best selection of beers for the entire day. 
The majority of your beer should be in 1/2 bbl kegs. 1/4 bbl kegs are okay in limited quantities (four or five per brewery please).
Here are some numbers to consider: We will limit the registrations to 100 breweries this year. This is down from 138 last year. If the weather is decent we would expect each brewery to show a 25% increase in token count and amount of beer poured. The average attendee samples 9 five ounce pours during their three hours on site. If we have 18,000 paid attendees that’s 153,000 pours (or 810,000 ounces) of beer. That is 4.8 kegs per brewery. 
We hope that this still gives you plenty of room to bring some fantastic and creative brews to the festival while dialing back some of the chaos at beer central. Thanks for your understanding and as always, your feedback is welcome.   
The Commission will pay .50 cents per token collected at the end of the festival so please make sure to take a token for every taste and collect them in the bag provided. This year's glass will be a 4oz glas. There will be no cut-off times for tapping new kegs. Since we’ll be buying beer at non-wholesale prices we will NOT order beer for Washington breweries through distributors. We ask all Washington breweries bring their own kegs.

WABL “Buzz Cart”
Once again, the Buzz Cart will be located at the WABL table and available to WABL members only. The beers and tapping schedule will be posted in the festival program. For the Buzz Cart we are looking for beers that are extremely limited and/or unusual.  We'd like to see beers with unusual flavor profiles that consumers will not find at regular booths. Beers will be selected by the Festival Committee. We request a 1/4 bbl of beer. The Festival will pay for the entire keg of beer. If interested, please enter the details of your buzz cart beer on your registration form. 

Brewery Staff
Each brewery must provide their own staff to pour beer. Up to 2 pourers will be allowed during each shift. Brewery staff will receive complimentary admission (a tasting cup and 6 tokens) AFTER their shift. Drinking before or during your shift is strictly prohibited by the WSLCB. Please indicate the names of your staff on the registration form. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL POURING STAFF MUST HAVE A MAST 12 PERMIT

Rootbeer Garden
Once again, the Rootbeer Garden will be serving the finest rootbeer and soda by Washington breweries. There will be several rotating taps throughout the weekend. The Festival will provide a jockey box with multiple taps and festival staff and volunteers will pour. Breweries participating in the Rootbeer Garden will be listed on the web site and the Festival Program. This is a great opportunity to advertise your brewpub as a family-friendly establishment. The Festival requests 2+ kegs per brewery. In addition to rootbeer, different flavors of soda are strongly encouraged. The Festival will purchase whole or bbl kegs.  

Brewers Keg Toss Contest
The Keg Toss Contest will take place in front of the Music Stage on Saturday and on Sunday. There will be a signup sheet available at the stage before the event. Each brewery may particpate in just one day of the keg toss. The top scorer from Saturday with face off against the top scorer from Sunday in the finals. You only need to be present both days, if you are the top scorer on Saturday. 

Ticket Sales
Advance tickets will go on sale at ticket outlets starting in early May. If you are interested in becoming a ticket outlet please indicate on the registration form.

Brewery Discount Tickets
Participating breweries may pre-order festival tickets at the special discount price of $15 each (regular advance $25 or $30at the door). Limit to 10 tickets per brewery. You will recieve an email with a link to purchase discount tickets in early May. 

Merchandise Sales
If you’d like to sell your merchandise at the Festival Merchandise Booth please check the appropriate box on the registration form. Each brewery may sell up to 3 different styles of merchandise. All merchandise is consigned and the Festival will take 20% of the revenue after deduction of sales tax. A merchandise form with instructions for merchandise drop-off and check out will be mailed a few weeks before the Festival.

Matt Russell
Director of Festival Operations
Washington Beer Commission