Wednesday, April 4, 2018
2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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John Reich
FFAR Scientific Program Director



Adapting Crops to Indoor Environments

Scientific Program Director John Reich will present on FFAR's efforts to build a multi-stakeholder partnership to advance crop development and adaptation specifically for controlled environments. This effort will lead to more rapid development of crops for indoor production systems, helping to increase the economic viability of these systems and leading to economic opportunities for niche markets. While research within this area is considered high-risk, advancements in this sector could lead to substantial rewards that benefit potential partners and the public sector. As a partnership, FFAR hopes to mitigate risk by building a collaborative that can better diversify efforts towards developing science-based approaches to controlled environment agriculture.

Here's what you will learn during the webinar…

  • How FFAR will enable the expansion of crops suited for indoor agriculture
  • How scientific and technological advances made from this initiative can advance   science for outdoor agriculture
  • The impacts FFAR hopes to make with this collaborative effort
  • Opportunities to partner with FFAR on this effort
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