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Be the Boss of Your Brain 

with Dr. Selena Bartlett

My purpose is to help 1 million people take back their brain power by becoming the boss of the brain.

3 steps

Step 1. Get to know your brain and why stress rules and is the main reason you might feel stuck or on repeat.

Step 2. Learn how to retrain the brain to handle stress to move forward and grow mindset to be happy and healthy.

Step 3. Learn how to use neuroplasticity and brainpower in your daily life to be more confident and successful.


Learn how to retrain your brain to reboot, recharge and reinvent your way to freedom from feeling stuck. We have all attended inspirational seminars and workshops and read many books, but how much of the material stays with you in the long run? It is well known that 90% of what inspired us in the moment is not implemented in practice later on. This is because it all starts with the brain and learning how to change it. We all have the capacity to change the way our brain works using the principles of neuroplasticity. Join Dr. Bartlett in the brain health revolution underway in the 21st century.

Everyone has the capacity to have a smashing mindset by learning how to tap into the brain’s unlimited capacity for change by applying the principles of neuroplasticity.

Freedom from being stuck comes when:
1. You know how your brain works.
2. When you become the boss of the brain rather than the other way around.
It starts and ends with how the brain has been trained. Every person has a completely different genetic code, and each brain is wired differently by stress, by the environment, and experiences (i.e., epigenetics) over time. Stress wires the brain, leading to being stuck in repeating patterns. Depending on the level of past and current stress, people become resistant to change, and this makes learning new solutions to old problems near impossible. However, through brain training everyone can develop a growth mindset and change old patterns.

People who willingly embrace change have a growth mindset. A common challenge facing people is to be able to grow with the changes at home, at work and in society while, at the same time, continuing to do what works. Demands on time combined with complex issues are reasons that most people fall back to fast thinking, such as relying on their gut instincts or on what has worked in the past; but these strategies may not be what’s needed now.

The bottom line is, if you want to have a better work and personal life, you need to learn how to train your brain, rather than have the brain train you. The first step is to get to know your brain and begin to notice what happens to it when you’re stressed. The second step is to learn how to change it by training your brain to respond to, rather than react to, stressors. This means tapping into brainpower not willpower by applying the principles of neuroplasticity.  Dr Bartlett will teach you how to train your brain.



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Using practical neuroscience to create a  performance mindset for your life.

Prof. Selena lett PhD is a world-renowned neuroscientist who’s stepped out of the lab to share her powerful message about mindset and brain plasticity with the world.

"My purpose is to show people the value of neuroscience principles with realworld applications. I focus on explaining WHY our brains do what they do so people learn how to be the boss of their brain.My mission is to help people take back their brainpower in order to live more vital lives.I teach and coach people how to use my neuroplasticity tools for better health and greater happiness.”

A widely published author and commentator on      addiction, obesity and smashing mindset, Selena offers highly practical applications to help individuals to deal more successfully with the stresses of aging and  modern life. She has held prestigious positions with  leading research institutes inthe USA and Australia  and  has presented at many international conferences  and symposia. Selena gained qualifications in  mathematics and pharmacy before focusing on the  brain’s role in mindset. Selena is an engaging and entertaining presenter, and her repeat bookings are testimony to the appeal of her message and ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences.



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