4:30PM-6:30PM       Introduction to Shadow Yoga Vyayamas

Practice                    8:00AM-10:00AM    
Brunch                    11:00AM-12:00PM (Chai and Khichri will be served, many restaurants close by)
Interactive talk          1:30PM-2:30PM    
Practice                     2:30PM-4:30PM    
Kirtan and Satsang   6:00PM-8:30PM


Shunyata Yoga 

The Diamond Body: Introduction to Shadow Yoga Vyayamas and Chaya Sanchalanam Prelude Form with Scott Blossom

Join Scott Blossom for an exploration of the foundational practices of Shadow Yoga.  Vyayamas, or preparatory practices, and the Chaya Sanchalanam Prelude Form involve spiral and circular lunging and squatting movements, breathing, and bandha practices that are designed to reshape and strengthen the joints of the legs by softening tension out of the feet, ankles,  knees, hips, and pelvis.  Freeing these junctions is critical to preparing us for the path of yoga by healing injuries, opening the "seat of prana" and safely learning to raise and lower the energy of the body. While Vyayamas differ in the various hatha yoga traditions their goal is similar, to balance the flow of prana in our bodies and transform one’s subtle body into a vajra or “diamond” vehicle of embodied wisdom." This introductory workshop is open to all levels.
Please bring your hearts, voices, instruments, food and drinks to share.

Space is very limited, as the event is being organized in a private home. Please register to reserve your spot.

Address will be provided to attendees.