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7th Tanker Operator Hamburg conference - October 16, 2018
Integrating people, process and technology


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Karl Jeffery, publisher, Tanker Operator magazine
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David Jeffries, sponsorship manager
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Hamburg Hafen Hotel 
Seewartenstraße 9
Hamburg 20459

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CEST
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Our 7th Tanker Operator Hamburg conference, on October 16 2018, looked at one of the toughest problems of tanker operations today - how to ensure your crew are capable of high performance, but acting within the commercial constraints of modern tanker operations.

Links to the presentations and videos are within the agenda below.

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The event continues themes developed in our Athens conference in May 2018, where we looked at better ways to integrate people, procedures and technology to achieve safe and effective tanker operations



8.30 - Welcome coffee

Dimitris Lyras, Director of Ulysses Systems
9.15 Chairman's introduction

9.20 Martin Shaw, Managing Director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions
Putting people at the centre of a more profitable business

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9.50 Stephan Polomsky, Hamburg Tankers
Transformation in Shipping ahead - How to think outside the traditional box?

10.20 Capt Matthias Imrecke, Imrecke Consulting
When "Cloud" is the engine and "Data“ is the fuel - Who is the "Driver“ of digitalization in shipping?
Note: Amongst other clients, Imrecke is presently consulting the Hellespont group on a long term project basis - more about Imrecke Consulting below

10.50 Break

11.10 Martijn Mobach, Managing Director - Clearwater Ship Management
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Putting the crews central and align them with the shipowners interest.


11.40 Sergey Gribanov, head of technical service management, DNV GL Maritime
Human factors and the safety culture in shipping
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12.10 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Tonny Moeller, operations manager, Maersk Training
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Combining human factors and technical factors in training
- Using simulation to create a realistic environment for people to optimize performance through human factors.
- Helping people understand the need for behaviour change
- Getting the shipping companies committed to better training by adaptive learning and virtual reality.

14.00 Daniel Duniec, Head Training & Crew Development, Harren and Partner Group
Competence Management System and its direct link to people's performance

  • What does "competence" mean and how to manage it?
  • Key aspects of good competence management system
  • Separating training activities from crewing activities within the organization
  • Key operational parameters of rightly set up CMS (briefings of seafarers, career reviews, low and top performers, setting expectations, follow up)
  • People's performance – how does CMS  trigger right behaviors onboard?


14.30 Capt Axel Kahl, sales manager, ChemServe
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Helping crew make best choices about tank cleaning for different chemicals by doing the right thing.
-          Over 10,000 different cargoes carried on chemical tankers all with different physical and chemical properties, hazards and tank cleaning requirements
-          Performing Tank cleaning in a safe manner
-          Emerging US Coast Guard requirements for adjacent cargoes
-          Stowage requirements (heating, voyage and discharge temperature)
-          Using digital tools to help make the right decisions
-          INTERTANKO Tank cleaning Standards – and the lack of guidance

15.00 Discussion

15.15 Close 

"In tanker operations - technology, process and people need to be integrated together, without putting one above the other. If it fails, you need to look at the components. At present the focus is on human error without understanding that you often put the human in a place they cannot succeed"
Martin Shaw, MOAMS 

Particular topics we addressed in Athens were

-    Some companies run into problems from putting too much emphasis on process, for example assuming that because they have done a risk assessment, there are no risks

-    Perhaps all the industry discussion about advanced technology, such as AI and autonomous ships, is a major distraction to senior management. Senior managers are not usually technology experts and so capable of knowing where specifically AI can work and add value. Also nobody is considering whether anyone actually wants autonomous ships (other than equipment suppliers).

-    We perhaps also need to get back to what might be considered ‘old fashioned management’ where the shipping company senior management knows the crew personally and tries to develop the company culture, not just creating management systems. Or the shipping company has a dedicated crew manager, an experienced former seafarer.

You can read the report from our Athens forum here.

We are currently looking for speakers from shipping companies who have ideas and thoughts to share on these topics, if you might be interested in participating please contact Karl Jeffery, publisher of Tanker Operator, on jeffery@d-e-j.com



About our speakers

Matthias Imrecke, MD of Imrecke Consulting GmbH specializes in organizational and personnel development, coaching, training and recruiting in the maritime industry. One focus is the tanker and oil & gas segment. Amongst other clients, Imrecke is presently consulting the Hellespont group on a long term project basis.  


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