Friday, June 22, 2018 at 9:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 9:30 PM EDT

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Gestalt International Study Center
1035 Cemetery Road
South Wellfleet, MA 02663

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Mary Berry, Office Manager
Gestalt International Study Center

Where to stay:
We have negotiated special GISC Summer Camp/Reunion rates with some nearby motels ranging from $108-$159 (plus taxes and fees) per night for rooms with two beds so follks can share.  

Book your lodging now for special rates!

Southfleet Motor Inn
999 US Route 6, South Wellfleet, MA 02663
Rooms available for participants with either 1 king or 2 queen beds
Rates and availability through June 1:  $108 per night, minimum of 6 nights -- use promocode GESTALT
Phone: (508) 349-3580  Toll Free: (800) 334-3715


Four Points by Sheraton Eastham Cape Cod
3800 State Highway Route 6, Eastham, MA 02642 

Rates and availability through May 7:  $159 per night, minimum of 6 nights
Phone: (508) 255-5000  
Hotel Reservations:
(800) 368-7764
Guests must mention GISC Summer Camp for any telephone bookings to receive the group rate.
Rooms may be shared.
Click here to make reservations online.

Ocean Park Inn
3900 State Highway, Eastham, Massachusetts 02642
Rates and availability through May 7: $129 per night, minimum of 6 nights
Phone: 508-255-1132
Use access code GESTALT when booking online.
Rooms may be shared.

Come join us for the first ever GISC Summer Camp and Reunion! Reconnect to friends and colleagues as you enjoy the beauty of learning and play on Cape Cod in the summertime during five days of professional and creative workshops.

We encourage you to sign up for this exciting and extraordinary experience today!

Click on the Registration button below to sign up and to select your first-choice Intensive. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis, so register early for the best selection. Registration for the 2-hour workshops will take place during the first day of the program. Some programs may qualify for ICF continuing education hours. Please see the course descriptions for more information.

The cost for this five-day (Friday–Tuesday) event is $550.00 per participant and includes your chosen Intensive course and all other workshops, as well as coffee and snacks, an opening night appetizer/cocktail hour, a gala dinner on Monday night, and more. 

We have negotiated special reduced rates at local hotels. Southfleet Motor Inn rates are guaranteed through June 1. See sidebar for details. Book your lodging directly with these establishments or choose from a number of other local hotels and nearby rentals.

We are offering a limited number of scholarships to those traveling from outside of North America to help defray some of their travel costs. The first 8 applicants from outside North America will receive $200 off their tuition towards their flight costs.  Use promo code TRAVEL.

Please find more information about GISC Summer Camp/Reunion along with a detailed schedule for the event, here.


Intensive Trainings:
You will choose your intensive training program when you register.

Gestalt Group Process Therapy
Over the years I have developed a form of group therapy which is highly interactive and relational. After describing the theory participants will participate in an experiential group in which they will have an opportunity to learn about themselves in relation with others as well as learn about interactive group process. This program may be eligible for ICF Resource Development credit, at discretion of the coach (see ICF requirements). Psychotherapists, please inquire about CE credit eligibility.
Led by Joseph Melnick, PhD

Cooking with Salt (and Gestalt)
This workshop combines Gestalt systems work with hands on cooking instruction with a James Beard award winning chef an an experienced Gestalt practitioner and GISC faculty member. Students will learn cooking technique, knife skills, food presentation, meal planning and proper seasoning in a group setting. Emphasis will be placed on team development, creating strong leadership, and group process from a Gestalt perspective.
Led by Chef Rob Evans and Spencer Melnick

Dancing with Laura Perls and Tai Chi Masters
This series of workshops will use Taoist movements along with Gestalt Principles to explore ourselves as energetic beings. Weaving together a tapestry of experiences, including parts of the Tai Chi Form, simple Qi Qong and breathing exercises, various Gestalt Body Therapy experiences, and Indigenous methods of heightening energy through rhythm and dance, we will seek ever deeper experiences of grounding and relaxing while supporting the ability for authentic connection with oneself and others.This program may be eligible for ICF Resource Development credit, at discretion of the coach (see ICF requirements). Psychotherapists, please inquire about CE credit eligibility.  
Presented by Jody Telfair

Intuition through Tarot
This workshop will focus on using the Tarot for self-discovery, to improve our relationships, and to strengthen and expand our ability to use our intuition—and deepen our Gestalt skills. With guided meditations, step-by-step card layouts, and interactive working sessions we will explore specific ways to help yourself or your client move toward greater clarity and effectiveness. Each day will be devoted to learning specific major cards and one minor suit so that all seventy-eight cards will be examined. Drawing on mystical traditions and Gestalt therapy, we will discuss the meanings of symbols and card archetypes, as well as learning to assist clients in discovering and sharing their own associations and emotions. Participants will be invited to experience doing brief readings using various spreads as a medium for drawing out emotions and providing insights into feelings. Use of card imagery as a basis for group process work, and in varied individual settings, will be demonstrated. Bring your questions, your cards if you have them, and your willingness to give and be given short readings. 
Presented by Victor Daniels, PhD, and Kooch Daniels, MA

GISC Martial Arts
The first phase of training in Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen is Cun Tao, or self-defense.  In this week-long martial arts intensive students will learn effective self-defense skills including verbal self-defense, basic striking, defense against grabs, and ground fighting.  They will practice setting boundaries and listening to their intuition to increase their safety. Students will tap into the movement, energy and insights of the animals that inform this art to enhance their fitness, agility, and flexibility – on all levels physical, mental and spiritual.  Throughout the week students will train in the spirit of mutual respect and compassion.
Presented by Barbara Niggle, Way Yuen, and Tom Moore

Facilitating Groups and Mastering Intervening - Deep Dive
Would you like to make more of an impact by enhancing how you meet and engage in groups, track systems, assure that interventions you make land and stick? Would you like to deepen your presence to be able to "stand in the eye of the storm" and really make a difference? This training program is a "deep dive" immersion into the advanced application of core principles of Gestalt, focusing on how to maximize use of self in supporting transformation in individuals, groups, organizations and social systems in which we live and thrive. We will be "rolling up our sleeves" and getting into the work of refining "our particular mastery" with dramatically deeper connections to heart, mind and soul.

In this training you will identify and expand your own unique strengths and transform and develop your own specific growing edges as a facilitator and intervener.  Participants will have opportunities to facilitate groups of varying size and focus. The topics in these sessions will be core Gestalt theory and practice that you are familiar with, as well as your own personal "stretch" topics. The real treat will be the numerous opportunities you will have to get feedback and "try again and again" intervening. The "guiding principle" we are applying is simple: take risks, fail early and often to excel, and "Practice, Practice, Practice." Come, Join Us!  ICF Resource Development CE hours available (see ICF requirements).
Presented by John Griffin

Cape Cod Sailing
The sailing instructors at Pleasant Bay Community Boating in Harwich, MA will provide sailing for all levels of experience and skill level in either Flying Scots, a very large and stable 19' sailboat accommodating 3-4 participants per boat plus an instructor; or 14' gaff-rigged Catboats for a slower more stable experience. We will group participants by boat and ability level from beginners to intermediate to experienced sailors, as much as possible. Participants will have the opportunity to learn general sailing and boating skills and explore the beautiful waters of Pleasant Bay, the largest in-land estuary on Cape Cod.

IMPORTANT: This Intensive has a larger time commitment than other programs due to the 20-minute drive to PBCB and the additional time it takes to prepare for the ocean and to sail. Participants will have shorter lunch periods in order to have full 4 hour sessions.

Also, sailing is weather-dependent. There will be options for non-sailing days, such as: dry-land instruction, visits to the Chatham White Shark Conservatory or local museums, movies, etc. Participants should bring rain gear for intermittent light rain, layer of clothing, hat, sunscreen and waterproof or boating shoes.

Presented by Pleasant Bay Community Boating.

Fostering Connection Through Improvisation
In this workshop participants will explore how to get to others through the medium of improvisation. Many believe that improvisation is only for comedic use, in this workshop we will experiment with improvisation as a tool for connecting with your emotions, and others. Using techniques from Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone, we will push peer to peer connection with spontaneity as a tool to trust yourself and others. We will explore connection through physicality, emotion, and status. Participants will also get a brief taste of improvisation as a performative art through connection to your peers. No experience in comedy is necessary, just a willingness to commit to new ideas.
Presented by Danny Beleil


2-Hour Workshops

See the event page on the GISC website for the listing of 2-hour workshops!

More information on our workshops can be found here.

More Information About Our Intensive Training Faculty

Melnick Ph.D. is co-chair of the Cape Cod Training Program and Board member of GISC. He is the founding editor of Gestalt Review and has published more than 100 articles. He is completing A History of the Cape Cod Model, written with Sonia March Nevis, Ph.D. He teaches and trains world wide.

Chef Rob Evans,
a native New Englander, has been cooking for over 30 years. During his time at the stove he received the prestigious James Beard Award in 2009 for his work as Chef owner of Hugo’s in Portland Maine. Rob currently owns and operates the iconic eatery Duckfat and is opening his third venture Duckfat Fry Shack at the Oxbow Beer Garden summer 2018.

Spencer Melnick, LCSW
is a organizational consultant, coach and psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples, teams, and organizations. His focus is on personal and professional development through greater self-awareness and improved communication abilities. His highly interactive and hands-on approach leads to enhanced interpersonal skills, greater self-confidence, an increase in performance and productivity, and improved leadership and respect.  Learn more.

Jody Telfair-Richards, PhD,
is a psychotherapist and teacher with over 40 years experience in clinical work, teaching, training, and administration in mental health and education. She was a Professional Staff Member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland from 1981 through 2006, both teaching in the Post Graduate Training Programs and serving as Chairperson of the first year of that program for five years. She also was one of three Professional Staff Members to create and teach the Advanced Physical Process Track.

Victor Daniels
holds a Ph.D. from UCLA, and was a professor of psychology for several decades at Sonoma State University. He has been a gestalt therapy trainer for almost that long.  He has also been a Tarot reader for more than two decades and has developed innovative methods for using visual imagery from the tarot with gestalt therapy. Learn More.

Kooch Daniels, M.A.,
is a professional writer and intuitive living in the San Francisco area. She has spent her life giving many thousands of readings and helping people develop their intuitive abilities by learning to listen to the silent voice of the tarot.  Her professional journey has taken her from doing readings for the rich and famous, to the regular you and me heart connected community, from doing readings in the interior walls of locked psychiatric wards to expansive Fortune Five Hundred executive suites. Learn more.

Barbara Niggel
, is the founder and owner of Willy’s Gym.  She embarked on her career as a martial artist, fitness expert, and healer at the age of 12 under the direction of her teacher Mas Goeroe Agoeng Willy Wetzel, training and teaching his art Poekoelan Tjiminidie Tulen. She opened her first martial arts school at the age of 16 and has taught and competed all over the world, dedicating her life to carrying on the legacy of her teacher and helping people achieve their highest potential whether in the gym or in the training hall.

Way Yuen
, has been training Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen for almost 30 years and holds the tile of Mas Goeroe Agoeng. He started assistant teaching at the age of 12 and was running his own classes by at age of 16. Way has taught self-defense courses at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and currently assists Mas Goeroe Agoeng Barbara run the Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen program at Willy’s Gym.

Tom Moore
, has been training Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen for over ten years and is a fourth degree black belt with the title of Pendekkar. Tom is the co-owner of Thomas A. Moore Design Company and assists in running the Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen program at Willy’s Gym.   

John Griffin,
PhD, has been a trusted global expert for more than 30 years and his work has taken him to over 45 countries around the world. He applies his unique multi-disciplinary studies in economics, anthropology, ecology, psychology, organizational development, internal martial arts and mindfulness to some of the world’s most complicated issues. John has a Ph.D. in Human Geography, a M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management and Ecology and a B.A. in International Relations and Economics. John grounds his consulting work with over 25 years studying internal martial arts and mindfulness practices.

Pleasant Bay Community Boating is a non-profit educational organization located on a 3.6 acre site on Pleasant Bay. Community boating is the mainstay of programs which are available for all age groups and ability level. The fleet of Flying Scots, Sunfish, Catboats and 420's provides for a variety of sailing opportunities.

One of our own Professional Associates has collaborated with the board of PBCB to provide this amazing program. Visit www.pbcb.cc for more information.

Danny Balel
is a corporate trainer, professional comedian and improvisation teacher.