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Vincent Colicchio, CFA 
CFA Society of South Florida 


CFA Society South Florida Student Membership Application 

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To qualify for Student Associate membership to CFA Society South Florida, an applicant must:

Be a matriculated undergraduate or graduate student

Submit the CFA Society South Florida Student Associate Membership application by emailing complete required documents to Membership@CFASouthFlorida.org or by completing online application. If completing online application, please enter contact information for one university administrator or faculty member who can verify applicant's student status. A director from CFA Society South Florida will contact the designated contact once with an email copy to you to obtain the completed authorization form. Alternatively, designated contact can email completed authorization form to Membership@CFASouthFlorida.org.

Important: It is your responsibility to follow up with your university administrator or faculty contact to obtain the signed authorization form and have it submitted to CFA Society South Florida. Your application will not be approved without the signed authorization form.

Pay annual dues of $75. Dues are not pro-rated. Please pay through PayPal.


Required Documents for Email:

 Student Application

 Required Statement


Authorization Form for Online Application Only: Designated university administrator or faculty member can email complete form with student applicant's name to Membership@CFASouthFlorida.org