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Caloundra State School

RideScore in an incentive-based program that records student bicycle trips to and from school and provides peace of mind for parents.

A Bluetooth reader located at the school’s bicycle storage area reads a beacon attached to your child's bike. You will receive an email each time your child passes the Bluetooth reader with their bike. 

Be an active traveller and win!

20 riding days = RideScore Prize

50 riding days = 1 movie ticket

100 riding days = 2 movie tickets

150 riding days = $30 itunes card

180 days = $100 bike shop voucher - RideScore Champion!

Milestone trips are rewarded at parade.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Your child is participating in a trial program that is being offered to students at Caloundra State Primary School.

2. By providing your email address, you are giving Sunshine Coast Council together with a third party provider (iProximity Pty Ltd) permission to send email notifications to you to confirm that your child's bike beacon has arrived at and departed from Caloundra State School.

3. Participation in the RideScore Program will require the secure placement of a weatherproof Bluetooth beacon on your child's bike. This is likely to be attached to the underside of the bike seat (or other appropriate location) with the use of "zip ties" to fix it in place.

4. It is the responsibility of the participating student and/or parents to regularly check the secure placement of the beacon and report to school or council officers any concerns.

5. The Bluetooth beacon supplied remains the property of the Sunshine Coast Council and will need to be returned upon leaving the program or leaving the school.

6. Beacons are not transferable to another student.

7. Students must store their bike at the designated bike storage facilities.

8. Maximum incentive points allocated is 1 point per day regardless of to and from journey.

9. Sunshine Coast Council has contracted a third party to provide a beacon management platform to be used to manage interactions between beacon and device that provides the reporting capabilities and notifications.

10. Sunshine Coast Council takes no responsibility for your child's trip to and from school.

Privacy Notice

 Council and its contracted service provider will use any personal information provided on this form for the purposes of administering the TravelSmart RideScore Program and for remaining in contact with you. Council is authorised to collect this information in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009.  Your personal information will only be accessed and/or used by persons authorised to do so. Your personal information is managed in accordance with council's Privacy Policy, available on council's website.