Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 3:15 PM EDT
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Cape Light Compact
261 Whites Path Unit 4
South Yarmouth, MA 02664

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Wendi Moss
The NEED Project

2018 Cape Light Compact Energy Education Workshop for Teachers - South Yarmouth, MA 

If you are unable to complete your online registration please email wmoss@need.org to be placed in the wait list.

Who Should Attend?

  • K-12 Teachers in Science, Math, Technology, Social Studies or other disciplines
  • Afterschool Program Leaders
  • Scout or Youth Group Leaders with an interest or focus on STEM and Energy

What Will You Receive?

  • Science of Energy Kit or other NEED hands-on kit
  • Access to the Be Energy Efficiency Smart (BEES) Program
  • Substitute Reimbursement
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • PDPs
  • Massachusetts Standards Aligned Curriculum
  • All at no cost to you or your school!  

About the Cape Light Compact:

Cape Light Compact is a nationally recognized award-winning energy services organization operated by the 21 towns on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and Dukes County. The Compact’s mission is to serve its 200,000 customers through the delivery of proven energy efficiency programs, effective consumer advocacy and renewable competitive electricity supply. The Compact invests in STEM education for teachers and students to encourage a strong understanding of energy – the science, sources, uses and efficiency.


8:00 a.m.               Registration

Pick up NEED materials and conference supplies. Continental breakfast will be served. NEED curriculum kits are sponsored for each teacher attending the workshop. Packets include supplemental classroom materials, Energy Infobooks at 3 grade levels, and much more! Complete a pre-workshop assessment.

 8:15 a.m.               Welcome and Introductions

Meet your fellow participants, play Energy Efficiency Bingo and start thinking of ways to bring more energy to your classroom. Review goals and objectives for the workshop and begin planning ways to use the NEED materials and training in your school.

9:00 a.m.               The Science of Energy

Learn more about the forms of energy while experimenting with the NEED Project’s Science of Energy kit.

10:30 a.m.             Energy Round-Up and Electric Connections

After learning about the forms of energy, we will study the sources of energy: What are they? Where do they come from? And how do we use each of the 10 sources of energy? Discover how the different energy sources contribute to the generation of electricity.

11:00 a.m.            Baseload Balance

This activity demonstrates how electricity supply is transmitted on the electric grid to consumers. It explores the differences between baseload and peak demand power, and how power companies maintain supply to ensure customers have power as they need it.

11:30 a.m.            Introduction to Energy Efficiency and Conservation and the Energy House Challenge

How do you use energy in your daily life at school? Learn how energy is consumed and easy steps you and your students can take to reduce energy use at home and at school.   Work in groups to tackle the Energy House Challenge! 

12:15 p.m.            Lunch

1:15 p.m.              Testing Your Energy House

1:30 p.m.              Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Your Home - Web System Activity

This quick lesson allows participants to understand a home as a system and to better conserve energy resources.

 2:00 p.m.               Energy Fairs, Carnivals and More! 

Explore a Cape Light Compact Energy Fair and Carnival and learn how to host one for your local community.   

2:45 p.m.               BEES Kits, Q & A and Paperwork!

Learn how to get BEES kits for your school and school families, Evaluation, Post-Knowledge Assessment, and Ordering Kits

3:15 p.m.               Adjourn 


Thank You to the Cape Light Compact for supporting the workshop and curriculum materials.