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1 CO P&C Insurance, Continuing Education Credit

1 TX General Insurance, Continuing Education Credit


1 WY General Insurance Continuing Education Credits

Food and drinks will be provided during the event.

Click here for video demonstration of gasoline geysering


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Gasoline Geysering

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Food and drinks provided

This training will provide attendees with an overview of possible safety concerns related to improper venting of gasoline fuel tanks associated with small engines such as those found on riding mowers. While manufacturers provide warnings to not refuel while the motor is running or hot, they do not typically elaborate on the potential danger of excessive fuel tank pressure and temperature or the telltale signs.

Gasoline begins producing vapors at temperatures well below freezing. On a balmy summer day, gasoline in a fuel tank situated close to a hot engine and/or exhaust can reach temperatures within its boiling range. If the fuel tank venting system does not sufficiently vent the vapors produced by these elevated temperatures, pressure can build inside the gas tank. If the fuel tank is opened under these conditions, liquid gasoline can be suddenly released from the tank. This violent ejection of gasoline is referred to as “gasoline geysering” and the results can be catastrophic. Gasoline can spray onto the equipment operator, the equipment, and surrounding area. If the gasoline gets ignited property damage, serious injuries and death can occur.

The training will cumulate in a live demonstration of gasoline geysering and subsequent fire. Come learn and have fun.  We will provide food and drink.  One insurance continuing education credit has been approved for -  CO (P&C), and WY (General).

 Your Instructor 

Dennis E. Shelp, PE, CFI, CFEI