Did you know that Aspen offers an oral prep course for CFI candidates? CFI training is about being able to teach aviation and correlate information into a solid understanding, both on the ground and in flight. This course is not about your piloting skills – it is about the art of teaching aviation.

Throughout the class, we will practice RISK Management and Scenario Based training exercises. The course of training for the class has the specific intent to prepare an attendee to correlate any previous technical training and use that previous learning as the foundation to achieve the Flight Instructor Airplane certificate.

Very little new technical information will be introduced as that information acquired in prior ratings is the foundation on which the CFI is premised. One very important training review is the constant-speed propeller. Instructional knowledge of the system is addressed in nearly all FAA Practical exams.

The class runs continuously and is currently held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-6:00pm, and on Fridays, 12:00-3:00pm. The schedule changes from time to time, based on the needs of participants. Essentially the class “restarts” every 6 weeks, and continuous review is provided at each meeting, as the subject materializes.  Therefore, entering the class at any time, is not limiting to the material being taught.  The class is principally focused on the fundamentals of instructions, and therefore, concepts common to psychology are frequently addressed through guided discussion.

Our success rate has been outstanding with 94% of participants passing their initial CFI checkride on the first try!

Tuition is $2,995 and includes your spin training endorsement.

To inquire or join the class, contact Jay Silvernale at 303-799-6794 or jsilvernale@aspenflyingclub.com.