The Community Speaker Series

 presented by District 86 and District 181

 Informing and inspiring families in the K-12 community about issues in education, child development, wellness, and  parenting


Program Schedule


May 1, 2018

The Community House

7:00pm - 8:30pm


Cindy McCann 
Community Speaker Series 


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Accomodations for our speakers are provided by the  Burr Ridge Marriott

Burr Ridge Marriott

Dr. Michael Thompson

The Nature of Boys

Parents of boys often find themselves bewildered or frustrated by certain aspects of boy development: their little-boy anger, their inattentiveness in elementary school, their lack of motivation in middle school or their reluctance to talk to their parents during the high school years.

In this funny and reassuring talk, Dr. Thompson addresses the greatest worries that parents of boys have from infancy through high school, distinguishing between what is normal boy development and those behaviors that are worrisome.

 Don’t have a son? Gain insights to help your daughter navigate her relationships with boys. Anyone who has boys or men in their lives will find this program informative and engaging.

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