Thursday, April 19, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM CDT
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Kelvin Scott 

Top Gun: How High Is Your Leadership Quotient 


  Suri Surinder                                                                                        CEO                                                                                  CTR Factor, Inc.

  Suri Surinder is the CEO of CTR Factor, an education and advisory       firm in leadership, diversity and inclusion serving publicaly and       privately   held corporations, associations, and non-profits, universities     and foundations. He has developed the techniques and concepts he   teaches during a successful career spanning 30 years in multiple   industries, and companies like Pfizer, Verizon, McKinsey, Centurylink,   Capital One and Barclays.

Leadership is the ultimate, magnificent act of free will on the part of those who follow, and the magical secret of great leaders is that they have figured out how to make that act happen consistantly and predictably.
CTR Factor explores the science of gravitational leadership by examining the currencies that need to be earned (Credibility, Trust & Respect), assets that need to be built (Results, Relationships & Resources), and investments that need to be made (Capabilities, Character and Competencies).


1. Understand the currencies of influence, assets of impact, and investments of intention needed to maximize our leadership quotient.

2. Assess our individual leadership quotient based on the currencies of influence that we have earned from the people around us.

3. Enhance our leadership quotient through specific strategies and techniques to earn the currencies of influence more effectively and efficiently.