Friday, June 1, 2018 at 9:00 AM CDT
Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM CDT

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Various Locations throughout Wichita, Kansas Area 
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Angie Maben 
Sedgwick County Extension 

Garden Tour 2018 Sponsored by Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program 

Tour eight landscapes with varying themes and plant selections in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Tour dates and times:
Friday, June 1st from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, June 2nd from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 3rd from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tickets are $10.00 per person and allow admission to all seven gardens.

See below for garden descriptions and details. 

Click here for map. 

Outdoor Living with Water Features                                                                                                 1919 S. Crestline, Wichita, KS 67209

Landscaping is his passion. It’s also his business. For the past 33 years, Jason Steele has designed and installed gardens throughout the country. He has become well-known for incorporating one-of-a-kind water features into the landscape, including into his own. When you tour Jason’s home garden, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the incredibly beautiful pond and waterfall, which he designed and built himself. Utilizing advanced filtration systems in his ponds, the water is always crystal clear, and makes his ponds not only beautiful but healthier for fish and aquatic life. Look for a wide variety of annuals to provide splashes of color throughout the yard.  Thanks to the nearby flagstone patios, the area has been a favorite gathering place for many occasions, such as birthday parties, Fourth-of-July celebrations, and even weekend movies on the outdoor projection screen.


Shady Backyard Retreat                                                                                                                     1203 N. Covington Circle, Wichita, KS 67212

With over fifty trees, this garden offers the feeling of a well-tended arboretum or a nature reserve within the city limits. See how the owners have selected plants that flourish in the shade.  The gardens encompassing the trees and lining the walkways are brimming with hostas, various types of ferns, impatiens, begonias and salvias.  To add even more interest and color, there is a considerable collection of decorative pots and planters situated throughout the property. In the distance, a charming and rustic footbridge beckons. Occasionally you will see deer and antelope statuaries that seem so real you expect them to leap up and bound away. Beyond the trees is a sweeping vista of a beautiful lake that is shared by the neighborhood. This is a garden retreat that promises to please the senses.


Birds, Butterflies and Beauty                                                                                                             2879 N. Edwards Ct., Wichita, KS 67204

When Master Gardener Cindy McWilliams and her husband, Mike, moved into their home 10 years ago, Cindy immediately began transforming her neglected, weed-filled yard.  Cindy’s gardening interest was to develop her yard into a beautiful landscape that encourages birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to visit her garden. This garden paradise now has countless flowers, shrubs, and trees that attract a wide variety of wildlife. In addition to filling her garden with wildlife-friendly plantings, she has also built a small waterfall and pond. Cindy describes the goal of her garden this way: “The aim is to make the functionality, the needs of wildlife, and a beautiful design completely gel. A wildlife-friendly garden does not need to resemble a neglected, unsightly and overgrown patch of wilderness.” 


Garden of Growing Friendships                                                                                                        2028 and 2034 N. Payne, Wichita, KS67203

Appreciate how two neighbors experience a shared love of gardening.  An arched garden arbor connects the two backyards for easy access between them. The first thing that should draw your attention to these gardens is the extensive variety of plants and their display of vibrant flower colors. Hydrangeas, azaleas, hibiscus, cannas, Virginia sweetspire and a lot of clematis are just a few examples of some of the flowers you’ll see. Adding even more color are the many decorative planters scattered throughout the garden, along with creative displays of handmade artwork. Enjoy butterflies throughout your visit, with plants specifically selected to attract them. As you stroll through the garden, be sure that you inhale deeply and savor the various fragrances that you will experience.   


Urban Micro-Farm                                                                                                                               3816 E. Lewis, Wichita, KS 67218

This charming College Hill garden contains a picturesque patio area that is ideal for relaxing while enjoying the many different plants that encompass it. Both a decorative pond and an attractive rabbit hutch, which house the kids’ pet rabbits, can be spotted nearby off the corner of the patio. If relaxation comes instead from actively growing food for the dinner table, then this location also provides that option. Beautifully maintained raised bed gardens made from cedar contain vegetables, berries and herbs. If the owners are hungry for eggs in the morning, they can go out to the stylishly built chicken coop and select a few. As you walk through this garden you may get a sense of outdoor living, with each garden room providing everything is in its proper place.

Garden of Peace and Healing                                                                                                         Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center                                                                                                          5500 E. Kellogg Ave., Wichita, KS 67218

I (Laura Nutter) lost my dad in 2011 to suicide.  He trusted and loved the VA, and had been there often for treatment. I inquired if I could plant a bush and install a bench in his memory. I was introduced to a Behavioral Health nurse who was interested in starting a horticulture therapy group. Combining forces, we were able to secure an area for the garden near the Behavior Health building. The Robert J. Dole VA Memorial Peace Garden provides veterans an opportunity to garden and a source for fresh produce. It includes a memorial space to create serenity for visitors. The garden was dedicated on Veteran’s Day, 2013. The garden’s memorial stone states: “Remembering those we have lost and comforting those who have served.” 


Prairie Garden in the City                                                                                                                   6901 E. Perryton, Bel Aire, KS 67226

Being a native Kansan, Mike Jolly has always loved the many wildflowers and prairie landscapes of our state. Inspired by this, he turned a once weedy easement behind his home in Bel Aire into a beautiful prairie garden. Strolling through the prairie garden, you’ll find a wide variety of herbaceous plants in bloom, from butterfly milkweed with its bright orange blooms, to larkspurs and coneflowers blooming in a wide variety of colors. Adding to the beauty of the backyard scene is an American elm that leans out over an island bed in the center of the yard like a huge umbrella. You’ll soon become aware of how beautifully his prairie garden integrates with the landscaping around the home and garden.