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Available Sept 1, 2018

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6 Saturdays, noon ET / 9 am PT
Sept 8 - Oct 13

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Week of Oct 13, 2018

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Mercedes Kirkel
Into the Heart Creations


The Magdalene Heart Path Online Course 

Led by Mercedes Kirkel 

Join us for a FREE PREVIEW of this transformational course of teachings given by Mary Magdalene . In the course, you'll learn how to:

Eliminate Blame and Judgments

Your Body / Emotion Pathway to God

Reconnect Your Inner Divinity

Become a Co-Creator

Activate Your Natural Compassion

Live and Relate from Your Heart


“No other online spiritual growth course has been so clear and practical for me. This course seems to be deconstructing my old learning and rebuilding a better, more accurate and loving way of being. While the course work is serious, there are often moments of natural humor that make it great fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mercedes. You have helped me to transform.”

“I experienced huge breakthroughs back into my heart and received answers to questions I’d been asking for a long time. This is work I will take with me my whole life.”

“Each session has been incredibly powerful for me. The content is so rich, my Being needs extra time to process it.”

“I recommend this course, especially for people wanting to discover how emotions can connect to our divinity.”

“I would like to live my life in this way.”


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