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April 13, 2018



Foundation for Westwood Education 

Shining Star 2018  


We are excited to continue our fundraising initiative to recognize a special individual whose extraordinary contributions to the Westwood Public Schools, Westwood Public Library or any other educational resource in town has helped to further the mission of the Foundation by enhancing learning opportunities for Westwood students.

We invite all Westwood students and their families to nominate one or more of their favorite teachers, coaches, school administrators, school staff or other individuals that have had an exceptional impact on their learning. 

To nominate your Shining Star, please submit a nomination and a minimum donation of $5.00 for each nomination (you can nominate more than one person).

Each nominee will receive a "Shining Star" acknowledgment at the Westwood Public Library.

The winner will be selected by the Foundation's Board after reviewing all of the inspiring ways the nominees impacted our students learning. MAKE YOUR NOMINATION COUNT, GIVE A THOUGHTFUL DESCRIPTION OF WHY YOUR NOMINEE SHOULD BE OUR SHINING STAR.

All nominations must be submitted by April 13, 2018