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By studying the performance psychology of NLP, you will be able to do the following: 
  • Discover your true potential and construct the future you really want!                                       
  • Really understand why you do what you do and understand other people at a deep level.
  • Make personal breakthroughs towards your life goals and achieve your dreams more effortlessly.                                                        
  • Resolve problem relationships  rapidly                                                        
  • Have all the tools to be able to change anything about your life. 
  • Start a financially and emotionally rewarding coaching career, earning between 80-250 per hour over the phone or in person.
  • Coach people as part of your existing career.
  • Become a powerful and inspirational leader and effective manager of people.
  • Share your new knowledge of performance psychology with others as part of a new or existing training career.
  • Implement revolutionary cultural change programmes using the principles of NLP performance psychology. 
  • Increase employee engagement by applying NLP performance psychology principles at work                                                                   
  • Go beyond percieved limitations in your business and influence your team more effectively


Nick Reed-Robbins
Reed Robbins Performance Solutions
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A FREE 1-Day Introduction to NLP

Saturday 26th May 2018

  10am to 4:30pm

Princes Risborough, Bucks

This programme is designed to introduce you to this incredible performance psychology. NLP Is like receiving the instruction manual for your brain, teaching you how to supercharge your brain to help you get whatever you want more easily and quickly in all areas of your life!


WHY Learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

Well, that's a great question. If you've already heard of NLP then perhaps the person who's told you about it has already experience some amazing level of success in some area of their life as a result of using it and they've recommended it to you because now they want you to benefit from these tools too! 

Or perhaps you heard about it from someone in coaching or sales or some kind of peak performance environment and they swear by the tools, saying that NLP gives them the tools, techniques and methodologies to be successful and help others have success too.

To try and explain it in a nutshell, NLP is a performance psychology that was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder by studying the most successful and powerful communicators and influencers in the world. They formed the instruction manual for the mind and NLP can be used by individuals to take control of their lives by changing thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Its a success methodology and can be used in coaching, therapy, buisness, sports performance, personal development, and many other ways to create incredible and rapid transformations. It explains everything you need to know about communication, influence, relationships, coaching, leadership, and the strategies of NLP are used by the most successful people on the planet, whether they realise it or not.  

These might be some of the reasons you'd be interested in learning about NLP....

Some of us are incredibly successful and really feel like we have almost everything we want in our lives. It is the natural state of the human mind to crave more... so with NLP you can work out what needs to change to help you make that next step! To have even more success, hapiness, purpose and direction.

Some of us have relative success in most areas of our life but perhaps there are one or two areas where we know we could be achieving more if only we knew what was stopping us doing so! Why do we have success in our careers, but not be able to succeed in our personal relationships? Or, why do we have such control over our success at work, but we never seem to have enough money? Or why we self sabotage sometimes?

NLP will give you the tools to work out what stops you from achieving the level of success you desire AND more importantly, to change the situation so you can achieve what you want effortlessly.

Some of us have a few problems that we just haven't been able to solve. No matter how sucessful we get in life, we just can't shake the same problem that comes up over and over again.  Maybe we have recurring health issues or injuries, maybe we have emotional attachments to the past or perhaps we just can't find our perfect partner. These old problems are usually caused by limiting beliefs and NLP gives us ways to detect and remove them so we can be free of our old behaviours and problems. 

Whatever the reason you think you want to learn NLP, there will be a hundred more reasons that you are glad that you did.

In summary. If you have a brain and it works pretty well already, then NLP will help you use your brain to help you BE, DO & HAVE anything you choose... 

What's covered on the 1 day Course?   

The 1 day programme will include a selection of topics taken from the
Reed Robbins 7 day NLP Practitioner Programme

 Introductory Topics May Include:

  •     What is NLP  and what can it do for you?
  •     The Simple Principles of Success
  •     Effortless Goal Achievement & Manifesting Your Dreams
  •     Changing problem behaviours
  •     Accessing Positive Emotional States for Peak Performance
  •     Effortlessly overcoming challenges and obstacles
  •     Applications of NLP to health and healing, finances, relationships etc.
  •     Q & A session - ask me anything!!


Why is the 1 day Course FREE?
What's the Catch?


The catch is that we know you'll love NLP if you come! You may never have heard of NLP, or you might not have heard of Nick Reed-Robbins so how else can we convince you NLP and we as a company can help you achieve what you want? 

We know that when you've been shown what it can do, you'll love NLP and may want to do further study (see the courses below) or have some one-to-one coaching with us. Or, perhaps you'll refer someone else to us. Even if you just enjoy your 1-day and that's it, we will still have enjoyed working with you.


NLP sells itself, so we dont have to work hard to sell it or make you feel pressured to buy.  It's just not our style!! The 1-day is not a sales pitch, it's a real workshop full of tools and techniques for you to take away. We love what we do and our outcome is to get this information out there as much as possible to help people have fantastic lives.


The NLP Qualifications Explained...

There are just 7 NLP Training days in total at Practitioner Level.

The first two days form the Foundation Course.

If you continue to do days3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, you will receive a Practitioner Qualifcation.
As long as all the days are attended in order, you can spread the learning to suit you, however, the most popular option is to complete all 7 days in one go.



The first two days of the Practitioner course will give you an amazing insight to how powerful NLP can be. You will learn the history of NLP, how to read people and influence them at a deep unconscious level, how we respond to our environment (perception is projection) and how we filter and deal with information. We will also get clear on outcomes and know what part of the brain to harness to reach those outcomes! Its a great couple of days! NOTE: This is not a taster weekend, the course will be taught as if you are staying for the whole seven days.

THE DIPLOMA CERTIFICATION ( Days 1, 2, 3 and 4 only available with Jessica Reed-Robbins)

By completing the 4 day Diploma course, which is just the first 4 days of the practitioner course, you will learn most of the performance psychology of NLP which you can start using in your life, business, relationships, finances etc. You will have all the communication and influencing skills of NLP, along with the effortless goal achievement skills and emotional mastery! You'll have the first few tools of personal transformation under your belt so you can start using interventions with clients if you wish.
You can then complete the practitioner course any time you wish by completing the last 3 days of any public practitioner course.

THE PRACTITIONER QUALIFICATION (Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7)

In the final 3 days of the programme, we will introduce you to the incredible coaching interventions that make NLP the most effective coaching methodology in the world. On completion of all 7 days of the practitioner training, you will receive your internationally recognised NLP Practitioner Qualification. You will be qualified to coach others in NLP and be eligible for membership to an association such as the ABNLP.

You will be ready to start coaching clients from the moment you finish the course or sooner if you so wish!

You will also be invited to FREE monthly NLP Practice evenings/days where you can meet other like-minded Practitioners and practice your skills in a fun environment. You will receive coaching from others each month and learn new skills from guest speakers. 


MASTER PRACTITIONER (15 further days of NLP Training) 

After the practitioner course, you will also be eligible to study for your level of NLP, should you wish to do so.  This starts in April  2018

Read more about this course on our 2018 Master Practitioner  website

With can
repeat whatever course you've paid for as many times as you like for free, subject to availability.