Tuesday, April 24, 2018

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

*Lunch will be provided



NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine
Roger Williams Auditorium
(Serota Academic Center, lower level) 
Old Westbury, NY 11568



Alana Berg

Graduate Medical Education Seminar 

Open to all Faculty, Staff Members, & Residents at your institution. 
Since you are employed at a NYCOMEC Institution, the event fee will be waived. 


    "Sexual Harassment In Medical Training"
                              Marianne Monroy, Esq. & Andrew Zwerling, Esq.

Garfunkel Wild P.C.
Great Neck, New York

“Recognizing & Preventing Drug 
& Alcohol Abuse”

Jeffrey Selzer, MD
Medical Director, Committee for Physician Health
Westbury, New York 


“Fostering a Healthy Learning 
Environment in GME”

Shawn Cannon, DO, FACOI
Chief Academic Officer & DME
Stony Brook Southampton Hospital 
Southampton, New York


"Identification & Intervention of At Risk Trainees"

Ulrick Vieux, D.O.
Director, Psychiatry Program
Orange Regional Medical Center
Middletown, New York 


"Healthy Residents, Healthy Patients"

David Broder, D.O., D.I.O.
President & CEO, NYCOMEC
Old Westbury, NY

"Livin' The Life" 

Kevin Lemaire, D.O.
Psychiatry Resident, Orange Regional Medical Center
Middletown, NY

Pre-registration is required!

Please register by 
Monday, April 16th 

Be social before, during, and after the event!

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