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Rocky Mountain BEST, Linda King
303-829-4511 (text) 

Front Range BEST, Tami Kirkland Tami.Kirkland@frontrangebest.org

SoCo BEST @TrinidadState, David Dominguez David.Dominguez@trinidadstate.edu

Golden Plains BEST, Larry Turner

Pikes Peak BEST (TAKING A BREAK  in 2018) Please contact one of the above hub contacts this year.



2018 Colorado BEST Competition Sign Up



We are excited about having your middle or high school students participate at one of our fall 2018 Colorado BEST Robotics Competitions.

We provide your student teams all the robot materials and there is no fee to participate in this 6 week competition kicking off in September. 

We provide FREE Teacher/Mentor Training Workshop with 2 CEU credit 17-19 July at MSU Denver.

BEST Robotics, Inc. has over 40 hubs in 16 states with 5 hubs in Colorado. Click the Hub name below to access their website.

  • Front Range BEST - southern and western Denver Metro Area Schools including Douglas and Jefferson County Schools PLUS El Paso, Teller, Fremont, and Pueblo counties in 2018
  • SoCo BEST @TrinidadState - southern Colorado Schools
  • Golden Plains BEST - northeastern Colorado Schools
    Pikes Peak BEST - El Paso, Teller, Freemont, and Pueblo County Schools - TAKING A BREAK IN 2018.  Signup for one of the above Colorado hubs instead this year.

This table provides the current plans for the Colorado 2018 CURRENT EVENTS Game competitions.

BEST Robotics Competitions will provide your school - your students and faculty - with a unique opportunity to partner with higher education and industry to: 

1.  Engage students in activities that demystify engineering and make it fun;
2.  Prepare students for the rigors of higher education engineering programs;
3. Equip students with the technological skills needed for tomorrow's workforce.

BEST hubs are volunteer, non-profit organizations with the mission to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology.


  • Any school signed up for a Colorado BEST hub competition is eligible to attend the MSU Denver expanded 3-day training workshop 17-19 July.  
  • NEW in 2018: We are APPROVED to offer 2 CEUs to qualifying teachers which also makes available the Missile Defense Agency STEM-0001 grant for experienced BEST teachers to cover expenses to attend this training. Grant application deadline is 1 June. More information will be sent out once you sign up your school to compete.
  • This training will provide a detailed view of BEST, information about how to mentor a team and how to build and program a robot, advice from teachers and mentors, and even a mini-robot competition.  
  • This training is for teachers and mentors ONLY, not students. 
  • Sign up your school soon with your local hub to ensure you are able to participate in these training events.  We will send you a separate invitation to sign up for the 17-19 July training.

Boosting BEST background words

Please SIGN UP as soon as possible so that we can place your school on the team list. 

Signing up to get on the list is a requirement whether you have participated before or not. We can support a limited number of teams and the sooner you sign up the better. If you sign up after we fill the available 2018 competition slots, we will notify you that you are on the 2018 waiting list.

All competing schools will be required to register in EventBrite prior to September. Additional directions will be provided in July.